“We don’t just do what’s easy; we do what’s right.”

I hope you are having a great week! I am grateful to be back to some of my normal activities this week, including coming into my happy place, TLC HQ. It’s where I feel most alive and where I feel most fulfilled, and I thank you all for your support during my absence.

Many of you do know or have read about my story over the last few weeks, but unless you follow me on social media, you might not know about Kathy. Kathy is an angel I met after my recent eye surgery that helped keep me positive and inspired regardless of any pain or fear. Here is how Kathy and I met.

I had just had my second major surgery in seven days. One that is hard to think about, let alone write about. Both surgeries involved my surgeon cutting my eyeball open for him to do what he needed to do. If it sounds bad, let me tell you, it feels even worse.

My second surgery was outpatient, so it was less complicated and a much faster surgery. I was in recovery and waiting for the effects of my anesthesia to wear off, and a few hours later, I was feeling good, and I was given the opportunity to go home and rest instead of staying in the hospital. I was definitely on board with this idea!

The staff handed me discharge papers and told me someone would bring me to my car soon. I said, “I feel good enough to walk,” and they said, “no way the hospital will allow that, and Kathy definitely won’t either. “Who is Kathy?” I said, and they answered, “you will see soon.”

About 15 minutes later, I was still waiting, and Kathy was nowhere in sight. I asked the nurse if maybe the Kathy lady had forgotten about me. She said, “oh no, Kathy did not forget, she gets passionate about her job sometimes, but she will be here soon. I am thinking to myself, at this point, what does this mean? She is passionate? I just wanted to go home and honestly was a little annoyed.

A few minutes later, Kathy shows up all bubbly and smiley. She introduced herself and announced that she would take good care of me until I reached my car. I told her that I had told the nurse that I could walk, and they told me that Kathy would not let me.

She said they are right; there is no way you are going to walk because the hospital pays me to bring you in the chair, and God pays me to give you hope and encouragement during the ride. Then she looked at me and said, “now sit down, please; we have some things to discuss.”

Kathy was kind and funny as well. She started telling me that she had pushed thousands of people to their cars and that she always made it a point to remind them to stay positive and faithful and that God was in control. I was telling her about my surgeries and what I had been through. She then said some things to me that really helped me and I will never forget.

First, she reminded me that if I was a person of faith, I must stay faithful and trust that God is in control. She told me more than a few times that I needed to let God do his thing, and as long as I trusted him, I wouldn’t get in his way, and everything would be okay. She then said, “You know he loves you, right?” As Kathy said these things to me, the way, she said them made me believe every single word.

She then also went on to remind me that my surgeon was world-renowned and that people from all over the world came to see him and that If I had God and him on my team, I was going to be better than fine and I needed to smile. All of this made me feel so good, and it even made me get emotional knowing that she was so concerned with me, a total stranger. I was so grateful.

We were waiting for my wife Christina to pull up the car, and I again told Kathy that she could go; I would just sit on the bench while I waited, and Christina could help me into the car. Kathy was not having it and said she would wait with me. I used this time to tell her my thoughts, and I explained to her that I appreciated her and everything she had said to me, and I also told her I really appreciated her for doing this for everyone she had ever done it for.

I made it clear to her that I knew in my heart that God had her doing exactly what she needed to do on this earth, and I was grateful for it. She looked at me and said, “Sir, I already know, and nothing makes me happier than doing my job and giving people hope.” What a great moment and a great woman. I will never forget her. I asked her for a picture together, and she gave me a great embrace as we took the pic. It was a beautiful moment.

Kathy is not only an amazing person; she is a great example of someone that is not going to do what’s easy but what’s right all the time. The hospital does not pay her extra to do her job the way she does it. She doesn’t have to be the way she is but chooses to anyway. I am sure there is a special place in heaven for people like Kathy.

I just wanted to share this story as an example of someone doing the right thing, but also, I wanted to remind us all that when we meet people like Kathy that we have a duty to let them know that they are amazing and they are making God proud!

I challenge you this week to reflect on the angels in your life or the angels you come across in your life and let them know that they are inspiring and the world appreciates them! Kathy changed my mood and my perspective with just her words and her compassion for me. We can all learn from her, and we can do the same for others, so please do so!

Thank you for reading, and remember that doing the easy thing is never as rewarding as doing the hard and right thing! Love you all, and God bless you for your continued thoughts and prayers for my family and me. We appreciate it so much!

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