“Passion is our fuel.”

Passion is important to me. It is an emotion that can be felt by others, and passion can help us achieve amazing results in whatever we do. We often see success around us, and we fail to realize that passion is the main ingredient most of the time. Let me explain:

Have you ever heard of businesses doing great when the founder of that business was alive or actively running it? Later, when the kids took over or maybe after it was sold to another person, it ultimately failed? Of course, you have; we all have. Sometimes, the person who took over was more educated, was better with finance, or was more tech-savvy but still could not run that business and the founder.

What about hobbies like gardening, for example? Have you ever been impressed with how beautiful someone’s garden was and tried to duplicate it by watching YouTube, reading books, or buying better tools only to realize your garden was still not as good as the other person?

I think we all have seen or heard similar examples of these in our own lives and sometimes wondered what went wrong. I think some of us even go as far as saying that maybe someone was lucky or even unlucky, and maybe that’s why it worked out or didn’t work out, but I am here to tell you today that luck has nothing to do with it.

Almost all the stories of success that eventually ended with failure were after ownership had changed. Or when a person is good at a hobby and inspires another to do the same hobby like gardening, sometimes it just doesn’t go well for the new guy or girl and the joy they thought the hobby would bring ends up not happening.

What went wrong? What is missing? PASSION! That’s it! How do I know this? Is there a science around it?

The answer is no; there is no science proving what I am saying, but the evidence is all around us. Success needs many things like dedication, perseverance, and hard work, among many other things but the main ingredient, in my opinion, is PASSION.

Without passion fueling us every day, we begin to fail. We get frustrated, we take shortcuts, we take breaks, and all of it leads to failure. When we are passionate about something, though, it is much different. We keep going, and even if we are not making money or seeing results, we still keep trying with a smile on our faces. Why is this true?

Passion is the reason that the business succeeded and lack of passion is the reason it failed. Passion is the reason the gardener had bigger plants and better fruit, and lack of passion is why the garden was weeded and did not bear fruit.

When we lack passion, our odds of success go down greatly because when we lack passion, we will stop when we are tired, we will quit when we don’t make money or bear fruit, and we will start late or end early whenever we can find an excuse to do so.

The reason is simple. People who are passionate about their business or their hobbies are not doing it for the money or the fruit; they are doing it because they love to do it. Therefore, making money or bearing the greatest fruit does not matter to them as much, nor does it frustrate them; they do it because they love it. They are so passionate about it that they would do it for free, and that is what we must all find to be successful.

Life is short, and we must spend our days doing things we are passionate about. Life sometimes does not allow us to work a job where our passion can be fulfilled daily, but we can always make our passion a hobby.

We can also get so good at what we are passionate about that later in life, it turns into something we can make a living at, or maybe it just brings us happiness or a smile, and that’s okay too!

Passion not only keeps us going, but it also attracts others to it. If you are passionate about cooking, then most likely everyone around you can see that passion and be drawn to having a meal with you. If you are passionate about parenting, eventually, others will see and feel it and ask for parenting advice. I could go on forever because I am so passionate about passion, but I think you get the point!

Passion keeps us going no matter what, and passion helps attract others to us because if they can’t do what they are passionate about, they can help another human do so, and that’s because many of us can’t resist helping others.

What are you passionate about? Are you doing it often? Are you one of the lucky ones that can do your passion every day and get paid for it? I challenge you to realize what you are passionate about and do it more often. I promise you will be happier and you will attract more people to you that want to see you be even happier and then all of a sudden life is not so bad! Give it a try!

At TLC, passion is our fuel. It all starts with Jack Fallon. His passion for helping others keeps him going every day and what the rest of us are attracted to as well because we want to help him but eventually, our willingness to help Jack turned into us having the same passion as him. Now we have an army of amazing people that are passionate and never get tired because passion is our fuel!

What is your passion? Let me know; I would love to hear about it and would love to help you do it more often!

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget the challenge this week! Do what you are passionate about more often, even if it is just one extra hour a week; I am sure you will see a difference in your mood and the people you attract!

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