“We are always hungry for more.”

Sometimes I reflect on TLC and look back at all that we have accomplished. When I remember all we have done in the last two decades, it is very easy to be reminded that we are definitely always hungry for more. We never seem to rest on any accomplishments or get comfortable after outstanding achievements. We just always keep looking for the next challenge!

I also am grateful when I think about all the men and women who have been hungry with us every step of the way and have truly helped us make a significant impact on the world. Many men and women I speak of have always been excited and ready for the next project or mission.

This week, as I reflected on this, I thought it very proper to recognize someone I know is always hungry for more and displays it every day. This young man is one of the great people we can always count on to be hungry.

He always raises his hand and volunteers for anything. He never seems to be tired. He is seldom asking for an unscheduled day off and always asking if he can do more. He even serves his community outside of work whenever he can.

You can find him helping others every day and not only when he is “on the clock” but even on his time. I have paid close attention to him and have also realized that he has a good heart, sometimes misunderstood. He is constantly making sure everyone is okay and see if there is anything he can do to serve!

On a recent company trip, he made sure everyone had everything they needed all the time and never seemed to put his comfort as a priority. He is always okay with getting up early and going to bed late. He is always making a priority by welcoming people with a smile and making sure they are treated with respect.

This is a man who is ready and excited to help others every day and a man who is always 100% all-in with every TLC initiative. He tries his best and always with a pure heart. The world needs more people like him, and TLC is lucky to have a great example of someone who is always hungry for more like him!

Our goal and mission are so big that we can’t do it without great men and women who are always hungry for more! We have been blessed to have so many of those great people here! The men and women I serve with every day in this company and community are truly unique. You may be wondering who I am writing about at this point.

Let me tell you that hundreds of people fit what I wrote here, which is why our organization is so great. The passion and the willingness to keep going, do more and serve with a smile is unbelievable to see every day, and for that, I am grateful to all of them.

Today though, I recognize one specific man who has shown that he is always hungry for more! Not just to do more but to serve more and to help people in whatever way he can. He is a man who might not have all the answers and might not have all the experience others have, but what he brings to the team is heart!

My example this week of someone that is always hungry for more is Mr. James “Jimmy” Bruinsma. We can all learn from Jimmy and be inspired by his work ethic. I am inspired most about him, though, because of his willingness to do more and serve others until they are satisfied.

The definition of “hunger,” the way we use it in our core value is: A strong desire or craving.

I can tell Jimmy has a craving to help others always, and he desires to help others until they are satisfied! Our mission here at TLC is enormous! We want to help everyone on planet earth make a Total Life Change!

We need a guy or girl like Jimmy for the huge mission we have here at TLC and thank god we have plenty just like him! Who are they, you might ask? I think there is a good chance they are reading these words right now!

Stay hungry for greatness!

Thank you for reading and have a great week!


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