“We are always hungry for more.”

We all know that one of the keys to being successful or finding success is not to quit. We also know that staying successful means not quitting even after we find success, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

This core value states that we that are a part of the TLC community remain hungry every day to keep moving forward towards our goal. That goal is helping people make a total life change. To me, the core value means so much more than that. It means that we love what we do; after all, the only way to stay hungry is never to be satisfied. If our goals are to help all the people in the world, then we have a long way to go because that goal is almost impossible since there are 7 billion people, but that’s what helps us stay hungry!  Every day we get closer to the goal even though we are so far away from it still.

The real reason why we are always hungry for more and our secret to staying hungry is that we love the process! That is what this core value means to me this week as I reflect on my TLC career and the TLC history of so many of you.

The process! I look back at all the things we have accomplished as a team and some of the perceived failures that we have had together, and I realize that I was happy every day and I was still excited to try the next day again, and I was always able to find others around me that felt the same. This was for a simple reason: we loved the process because it brought joy to us.  

Every moment was and still is special to us. The person we help on the phone place an order. The order that we pack with special care and the card with our name on it that we put in there before taping it up perfectly. The refund we give quickly when someone is not satisfied. The shows we prepare for every day, the visitors we entertain and train all the time.

The early flights and late flights we travel on to get to events. The late nights up serving others, getting up early in the mornings to help the team, and the fears we have faced as we have grown into someone better than our previous version. The stories we have helped tell and create and the recognition we have given to others. The dreams of others we have seen become a reality, and the long hours we have all worked. The time away from family and the willingness to work hard.

I could go on and on with examples of everything we have done together every day, week, and year that were not always easy or convenient. But I believe I have listed enough. The important part to highlight for me is simple. All of these things are part of the process, and it’s a process that we are willing to endure because it gets us closer to our goals of leaving a legacy behind the impact we had on the world and other people!

Put in an even simpler way; we are always hungry for more because we love our process. Our process includes doing amazing things every day and serving others. Making people laugh, making people cry, and giving people hope. Our secret is we love the process, and that means we win every day, and each day we can’t wait for the next.  We have had down sales weeks, unexpected pandemics, failed promotions, and a host of other perceived failures but none of those events stopped us from smiling or affected our hunger!

We love the process, and we are always hungry for more because of it!  As I reflect on the amazing men and women I get to serve with every day (that’s all of you reading this), I realize that so many of you love this process of helping people make a total life change, and it is inspiring to me, and I constantly look for ways to do my part.

The next time you have a bad day or a bad week, reflect on the little things that went well, the people you made happy, and the joy you helped give to others. This will remind you that you are a special person, in a special organization with other special people doing extraordinary things. That should put a smile on your face and always make you hungry for more!

At TLC, we are always hungry for more because we love the process, and because we love the process, we will always be grateful for it and each other.

The next time I send an email, we may have a new president in the U.S.A., we may have a new wave of lockdowns, and maybe something else to top it off, but we will also still have our TLC process, and each other and that is all we need!

Until next week god bless all of you and thank you for reading.

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