“Having fun, we get more work done.”

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the 250th episode of fun Friday. A weekly broadcast at TLC that helps celebrate others brings essential company news to people, announces a weekly deal, a message from our founder Jack Fallon and so much more. The number one rule, though, is that it must all be done in a FUN way!

Almost five years ago, we started a weekly tradition, but we didn’t even know it would be weekly and turn into such a great tradition. It was a Friday in January, and we weren’t getting any work done! I mean by that that even though we had a full staff of people and everybody was ready to work, the phones weren’t ringing. The orders were not coming in. It didn’t make any sense to us because it was January, which is weight loss season!

It felt odd to me, and I asked Scott Bania if he noticed what I noticed. He verified that he also noticed it was extremely quiet and slow. I immediately started asking him if he had any ideas for getting the phone to ring and create some activity. Together, we eventually decided to go live on Facebook and do some giveaways or make some excitement to get people to call on the phone.

We were not sure if it would work, but we figured if we just reminded people that we were here and gave them some good stuff to think about, they would engage with us and possibly place an order. We never thought to ourselves that this first broadcast would turn into what Fun Friday is today.

It was the first of many weekly broadcasts that we learned from every week. As each week passed, we realized that people loved when we shared company information with them and provided opportunities for them to engage with us, and of course, they loved being able to either win some of our products or get a good deal on them.

What I learned over the last five years and what I remind myself about frequently is that we could change something drastically by making it fun. Friday used to be our slowest day of the week, and now it is consistently one of our busiest. How did we do it? We just decided to have fun.

Having fun, we get more work done is real but having fun even when there is no work to do helps bring the work to you! I can prove it by showing you 253 episodes! Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years on fun Friday, and thanks for reminding us that when something is fun, people will respond.

A special thank you to all the TLC team members at TLCHQ that have stepped up over the years to help every week. It is appreciated, and it has been great to see you having fun too!

Please try to have fun in your life, business, and relationships, and I’m sure you will find that everything will be great.

Thank you for reading this week and every week, and thank you for trying to have fun whenever you can! Life is a gift, and life is short, so please smile and have fun.

Have a great week, and Happy Halloween!

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