Happy Cinco de Mayo!

“Our standard is giving more than what is expected.”

Standards are on the rise around us!

The standard delivery process of 3-5 days was taken by Amazon that we were used to just a few short years ago and brought that down to 2 days or less and at no charge. This is more than was expected when they started offering that speed at that price.

Uber was looking for drivers, so were taxi companies and other ride-hailing services. Still, Uber went above and beyond and started paying its drivers daily, which was more than people expected, which caused many to become drivers for them.

Airbnb took the standard lodging options for people when they travel, mainly hotels, and added unique houses and cottages at an affordable process in excellent destination areas at a price people could afford. They also allowed owners of those properties to easily find renters when they were not using the home or property. Airbnb offered more than what people had expected and grew and thrived quickly.

These companies put TLC and the rest of the world on notice.

These companies raised the standards and established a new normal. One- or two-day shipping, getting paid daily, and renting great houses in fantastic locations at an affordable price have become those new standards.

These are just a few of the companies that started giving people more than what they expected. Their customers and workers appreciated it and showed it by using their products or services or working there. This is great, but…

Eventually, Amazon will deliver even faster. With drones and another tech, those delivery times might be under an hour in the next few years.

Uber might decide to start depositing money into the driver’s account every hour or maybe even after each ride.

When these companies have reached the limits of the things I listed, they will have a new challenge. If they can’t get faster, cheaper, or more flexible anymore, they will need to ‘give’ more than what is expected in another way, a way that TLC knows well and one that we love!

Loving on people, talking to them over the phone and in person. We love surprising people, giving them gifts on their birthdays, and recognizing them. We love sharing their stories, and we love sending them flowers (like we are doing this week to random Mothers in TLC). We love inspiring people to become the best version of themselves and being in their daily lives.

At TLC, our standard is giving more than what is expected, but some places deliver faster than us, pay quicker than us, and even have a better shopping experience than us and are all doing well because of it.

They have inspired us to get better in those areas.

The truth is nobody can match the love we have for people, so let’s raise the standards there.

When it comes to loving people and showing gratitude to our employees, Life Changers, customers and even our vendor partners, we know that nobody will do better than us. WE have raised the standard of respect and love for people around the world. This is a standard that is more than people expect, but those here have become accustomed to it.

Thank you for giving people the genuine love and respect they don’t expect from us. We go above and beyond, and I am very proud to be a part of it. I envision a world where Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and so many other companies say to themselves, “How do we compete with TLC and love people more?”

I want us to keep raising the standard of love and respect worldwide, but I want more people to know about it! I need your help, please! Let’s make sure every call we make, every email we respond to, every event we host, every visitor we have, every smile we give, and every other contact we have with anyone leaves them feeling like it was more than what was expected.

We can change the world with love, TLC love that is! Let’s keep smiling, keep growing and keep proving to the world that at TLC, our standard is giving more LOVE than what is expected, and let’s get the world to start asking how we can do as well as them? If we do that, we will help change the world even if we don’t sell a single product. I am willing to sign me up for that, what about you?

Thanks for reading, have a fantastic week!


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