“Our standard is giving more than what is expected.”

When you create a culture based on Core Values as we have here at TLC, you notice that everyone here adopts the same values. The last four days, I was able to witness this, and it was terrific.

Usually, I host events either at our home office or in a large venue somewhere on behalf of TLC. I am used to meeting with our team before each of these events and discussing ideas on how to provide an experience that is more than people expect. Then after those discussions, we usually ask each other if we can do even more. Its been a pleasure being part of these discussions over the years, and it has been so fulfilling to give more than expected.

In the last four days, I enjoyed attending two events that we did not host. Stormy Wellington hosted one on Saturday in Houston, Texas, and Dr. Kimberly Edwards hosted one on Monday in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Both of these events had a uniqueness, but both had one major thing in common. They provided me with much more than I expected. I enjoyed attending and felt blessed to be there.

I arrived in Houston late on Friday night and was surprised to find out that my room was paid for. It was not expected, and I was very grateful. I had a good night’s sleep and awoke on Saturday, ready to attend the day’s event. I had committed to speaking during the main event in the afternoon, but I knew I also wanted to participate in the morning meditation and the planned workout for all attendees that day.

I expected to be blessed with a spiritual mediation and an excellent physical workout that increased my heart rate, but I experienced much more. The meditation was delightful, and I was able to feel very relaxed. This was not expected, especially since there was such a large group meditating with me.

The state of relaxation that my mind was in because of the mediation was more than I expected. Then it was time for the group workout, and I expected to burn a few calories and sweat a little bit. I instead experienced much more than that. I was asked to be one of the leaders of the exercise session, which I did not expect.

This experience put me a little bit out of my comfort zone and allowed me to connect with all the people there. It was one of the most enjoyable group exercises that I had ever been a part of, and that was more than what I expected.

Later, as I was getting dressed for the main session, I expected to listen to the speakers and do my segment when it was my turn. What happened instead was way more than I expected. The energy I felt in the room and the speakers that were serving there were terrific. I had planned on speaking on specific topics, but once I was on stage, something spiritual happened to me, and God took over. It was terrific, and I will never forget that day and the feeling of being amongst the energy of the fantastic people in the audience.

As the day came to an end, I started to second-guess if I should leave or try to figure out a way to stay for an additional few hours. This is what happens when you receive more than what is expected.

I flew home that night to fulfill some obligations that I had the next day back in Detroit. It was a great day, and the following day I was ready to go on the road again to North Carolina. I was attending an event hosted by Dr. Kimberly Edwards in Greensboro.

My expectations were similar to what I experienced over the years of attending events: a warm welcome, smiley faces, great testimonials, and excellent speakers. What I received instead was much more than what I expected.   

Jack and I were greeted with a thunderous and energetic welcome. The cheers and the joy were definitely above what I have been accustomed to. I also expected the event to have a very small amount of people. I later realized that there were almost 100.

I was expecting to hear some testimonials on how the TLC products have impacted people’s lives. I instead heard many testimonials of people explaining why their health matters! I also expected to listen to discussions about our business opportunities instead of hearing about great products and health.

All of this was more than what I expected. And Dr. Kim and her husband Darnell served that evening in such a professional fashion as they always do but still beyond expectations. You would also never have guessed that they were the hosts since they made it a point to allow others to speak before they even considered doing so as the night closed out.

I was not expecting all of this, and I was honored and excited to be there with these great people. Both of these events delivered more than what I expected, and it made me feel a certain way. I am sure there will be some things I saw or heard that I would forget over the years. One thing is for sure, though; I will never forget how they made me feel.

I am so proud to be part of a company with a strong Core Value, writing about this week. It pushes us and challenges us every single day to come up with more answers to the question that we present to ourselves all the time. Is there anything else we can do? Is there anything more we can provide?

This culture that we have here is fantastic to be part of. What is even more beautiful is that others of this community have adopted our core values in their own lives and endeavors. This is beautiful to watch and even more special to be a part of. I am forever grateful that we are impacting people in a positive way around the world.

Here at TLC, our standard is giving more than what is expected. We have a burning desire to make people happy and to overwhelm them with love. We have been blessed to see this same energy and passion transferred even beyond our network and organization. This puts a smile on our faces and helps us remember that we are all connected.

I look forward to coming up with new ideas in the future on how we can give people more than what they expect. I also look forward to having that energy inspire others around the world to do the same. We pray for a world where peace, love, and happiness are abundant, and we realize giving as much as possible every day and inspiring others to do the same will help accomplish this.

Thank you for reading every week, and thank you for being amazing. I challenge you this week to reflect on what you were doing to give more than what is expected and how you can start giving even more than that. If you can smile on someone’s face or make them feel loved or provide hope, then I promise you we will start to change the world.

Have a great week, and remember your health matters to me! 

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