“Our standard is giving more than what’s expected.”


That’s a wrap! The TLC Reflect Convention 2023 is over but far from forgotten! As a matter of fact, I think many of us who attended will never forget it. I have attended hundreds of events and have never felt the way Reflect made me feel. It was beautiful in so many ways.

I believe the reason is that from the very beginning, we all decided that for this event, we would give everyone who attended more than what they expected. We started planning early and never stopped asking each other, “What else can we do?”

The ticket-buying experience on the website, the check-in process on event day, and all the smiling faces who greeted everyone on day one really set the tone for an amazing TLC weekend. Once the event started, everyone involved really showed how prepared they were and how willing they were to exceed the attendees’ expectations.

The training sessions, the special segments, the videos, the recognition ceremonies, and even the setup of the rooms were perfect. It felt like God was in that room all weekend for most of us, and we will never forget that feeling or the amazing moments that happened.

The feedback from everyone who attended was consistent gratitude and amazement. EVERYONE loved it from start to finish. I was so proud of each and every single one of us, and I even cried more than a few times just reflecting on how lucky I was to work with such amazing people.

Eventually, the weekend ended, and everyone started to go home after the final segment on Saturday night, but I stayed back a few extra minutes and just stared into the event space and soaked it all in one more time. I didn’t want to leave that feeling, and I wanted to visually appreciate everyone’s hard work one more time.

I could start name-dropping here and thank some people, but I would undoubtedly forget some names, so I would rather thank everyone. If you helped in any way at all or if you attended, thank you! It was a blessing to be a part of, and it could not have happened or felt the same without you.

It really goes to show that when a group of people set out to provide others (attendees) with even more than what is expected, the feeling they receive back is even more than what they expected.

We all felt it! We decided to impact others at a higher level this year and found ourselves more impacted than ever. Amazing how that works! It’s the perfect recipe for all of us who are searching for anything. Whatever it is, just figure out a way to give it to others, and you will find it yourself.

Thank you once again for a great event. You all are amazing. God bless you all as you tackle another week. Make some memories, please!


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