“Our standard is giving more than what’s expected.”

Going that extra mile, doing a little more than others, and surprising people with more. These are all examples of giving more than what people expect, and it makes sense for two reasons.

The first is because giving taps into the law of the universe that allows you to receive. When you bless others, you get blessed, and when you bless them even more, why not give more! No matter the situation, you should always look to give more to others.

In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful things you can do to start receiving blessings in your life and give to others. It does not need to be money! You can give time, patience, enthusiasm; the list goes on and on! Just provide and figure out a way to give, even more, the laws of God and the universe that you tap into when you do this will pay you back 10X. This does not always happen the same way you give. If you give money, maybe you receive health. If you provide advice, maybe you will receive money. If you give time, perhaps you receive prayer. It does not always return in the same way you give but trust me; it returns, you have to believe!

Giving is important because you add value to your business or organization when you give more than what’s expected. Adding value is important because people are looking for value all the time. The person paying you to work they are looking for value. The customer buying your product or service, they are looking for value. The person is analyzing your organization and decide if they should join looking for a deal as well.

If you are doing what is expected of you at work, you are getting paid a certain amount, but if you start doing extra and bringing more value, you will surely begin to get paid more, and if not, some other employer will pay you more you bring value.

Suppose your business provides a great product or service and brings something extra like excellent customer service, a great community, or a powerful cause. In that case, that extra value will make more people want to buy your product or service because you have created more value.

If you have a sports team, a nonprofit organization, or a church, then you also need to create value to get attention. Why is your team one I should consider? Why is your nonprofit different from others? How will your church benefit me more than other churches? Giving more than what is expected and bringing value is how you can stand out and be a better value! People don’t want to leave people or places that get the best deal. It not only helps attract people, but it also helps people stay!

Life can be hard sometimes. We all have responsibilities like school, work, and family, to name a few. If we can somehow give a little more in everything we do and create more value for ourselves or our organizations, we can undoubtedly have a better life, and that’s what I want for you!

The next time someone asks you something, ask yourself one question: “What else can I do, say or give?” If you do this every time with everything, I promise you a good life.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! If you do what’s easy, you will have a hard life; your life will be easy if you do what’s hard! So, give more than what is expected and tap into the biggest blessings of your life that await when you do your part!

At TLC, we are constantly looking for ways to give more than what’s expected. People tell us they notice it, but we keep looking for ways to do even more, even when it seems impossible, and we still seem to find something more to give every time.  If you ask yourself the question, you will eventually find the answer, but you gotta ask!

Thank you for reading, and please make sure you have a great week by giving and serving others in a great way!

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