“Having Fun, We Get More Work Done.”

I hope you are having a great day today, and you sprung out of bed this morning excited about today. I hope you feel that way every day because I care about you and want you to have fun and be excited about life every day! Many people will wake up today and not feel energetic or enthusiastic about their day, and they probably have no idea why. They may think that their hormones are off, or they think they are coming down with a virus or think they need more pay at their job.

I believe that most people feel this way every morning and continue to feel this way almost every day because they have nothing to be excited about. When we are kids, we are always happy. If we go on a road trip or go to a friend’s house to play or even elementary school, we never really know what might happen, and that uncertainty makes us excited and eager to find out.

Most of us struggle with and don’t even know that we know EXACTLY what our day will be like when we get up every morning. We know where we need to go, where we need to park, what we need to get done, and what today looks like because our schedules tell us so. The same is true for work or school; it is VERY predictable. There is no wonder why we are so unenthusiastic every morning. We have nothing unexpected to look forward to, just the everyday mundane. It makes us want to press snooze, because it reminds us that another dull day lies ahead.

This is precisely why at TLC, having fun every day includes surprises and unexpected moments. We have schedules here like most companies or organizations, but no two days here at TLC look alike. At any moment, there could be visitors both scheduled or unscheduled; there may be a promotion, a birthday party, or even a team-building activity with our coworkers. All this is encouraged here, and it’s not just to have fun that day, but it’s also to keep people guessing, and thinking “I wonder what’s going to happen today?”

This is so important! It makes us all feel excited and wondering every day, just like when we were kids, and that is how we plan to keep it! Many at first are a little annoyed by the unexpected because our brain craves structure, but once people get used to the unexpected, they don’t realize it. Still, it helps them be more excited to come in every day, even if they don’t know it or admit it.

Of course, there will always be some that don’t like the unexpected environment, but that’s why the core values here are made public and talked about all the time. We want people to be aware, have fun here, and every day will be uniquely awesome; if that sounds good, join us, and if you have never had fun before, try us!

In today’s world, many people have lost the desire to live every day and go through the motions hoping that the day will be over soon, but here at TLC, it’s quite the opposite. We are excited at the beginning of the day, not the end because we never know what will happen today, and most likely, it will be fun and be part of a memory we hold on to for a long time, and that’s why having fun is so important, it helps us create memories!

I hope your days are filled with fun and the unexpected because if they are, I know you are excited every day, but if they are not, then maybe it’s time to look for some fun in your life! We are always hiring employees, looking for new community members, customers, and Life Changers, so why not give us a try? You might start having fun and feel fantastic every morning instead of pressing snooze again!

In closing, to quote Forrest Gump, I would like to say: “TLC is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get, and that’s exactly the way we like it.”

If you need some extra fun, please check out our Orlando event on Totallifechanges.com this week, Thursday, July 22 – Saturday, July 24, for free, it will have many unexpected moments, and that’s always FUN!

Thanks for reading, and please have a fantastic week!

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