“Having Fun We Get More Work Done.”

Once upon a time, about 17 years ago, I reluctantly accepted a “job” from my friend Jack Fallon. The only reason I said yes was that he was honest with me and admitted he needed help. I, of course, could hardly say no to a good friend that needed help, but I can’t say I was thrilled to come work at the “pyramid scheme.”

My first job was right up my alley, packing orders into boxes, shipping them, and dropping them off at the post office. Cleaning up, printing postcards and mailing labels, and troubleshooting an occasional computer or printer issue. Easy enough and not much human interaction needed on my part, which I was okay with!

Then one day, something changed that would be the start of my TOTAL LIFE CHANGE! Jack said he could not get to all the calls by himself anymore and needed me to help when a call came in if he was already on the phone. I was so mad; I didn’t want to talk to anyone, and believe it or not, I was shy in that way, so I fought him on it for a while. Then in a way that only Jack Fallon can do, he made me feel better about it. “All you have to do is say ‘Hi,’ and ask them politely to hold,” or “Just ask them what they need, and maybe you can put them on hold while you figure out how to help,” he would say.

Those words and the smaller tasks that he started me off doing would become the best thing I ever did because I was committing to something smaller and more manageable, and I could always “put them on hold” if I was not sure what to say or do which made me feel better about it. What made me feel even better, though, was what Jack made sure I knew and understood that I started taking calls and talking to people on behalf of TLC.

Do you know what he said to me that brought me comfort then, brought me comfort through the years, and still brings me comfort to this day? Well, I asked him if I answer these phones and talk to people, what should I say? What should I do if I am not sure? How should I act?

He said, and made sure I understood, “Johnny, I just want you to be yourself.” No matter what, act like you usually do and have fun with the people. “I also never want you to lie,” he would say. “I want you just to be yourself, never lie, and have fun. People like to laugh and talk, so have fun,” he would say. It seemed corny to me in a way because I did not understand.

What if they ask if we work in a basement? What if they ask how long the company has been in business? What if they want to know what college Jack went to? What if they hear the dogs barking upstairs? I can’t possibly answer those questions honestly because if I do, how will that impress them? Basement? A brand-new company? No college degree? Dogs in the office? I thought for sure this would backfire, and I was curious to see how it would play out but was reminded by Jack that we were not trying to impress anyone but rather impress upon them that we were good people just like them and could trust us.

Many people who called and asked questions were not impressed and never called again, but some just liked us for who we were. They would order products, ask about our families, wish us well, and all kinds of nice things, and that was okay with me and made me feel much better. I was very comfortable talking to people because I could be myself, and I had fun all day long! I wasn’t just in TLC, TLC was now in me, and I was fired up every day!

Here we are about 17 years later, and guess what? I am still having fun, and once in a while, when I am about to speak in front of a large audience, enter a stressful business meeting, or get interviewed for an industry trade magazine and I feel a little nervous, I remember the one thing that has brought me comfort all these years. “Johnny, just be yourself, tell the truth, and have FUN.” All I have to do is remember those words or speak them to myself, and suddenly I find myself calm, excited, smiling, and talking my head off about TLC and having fun.

It’s incredible how much fun you can have when you are not only allowed to be yourself but celebrated for being yourself. This is a gift to find a place where being yourself is possible, and we must all find that place in life because life is too short to pretend to be someone you are not. I believe TLC is that place for everyone. I believe all 7.7 billion people on this earth belong in TLC and can come here, be themselves, be celebrated for it and have lots of FUN!

That includes all of you reading this! YOU are amazing, YOU are perfect just the way you naturally are, and TLC will love and accept you that way! You can always grow and become better because this community will support you and help you achieve that but never forget that here YOU are always welcomed, loved, and celebrated!

One day in the future, I may ask you to do something you might not feel like you are ready for, or I may ask you to transfer to a position that has more responsibility or maybe inspire you to join one of our daily live broadcasts. You might be nervous, have anxiety, and question if you can do it, but know one thing for sure. When you ask me, “what should I say? What should I do, how should I act?”

I will 100% say to you: “Be yourself, tell the truth and have fun!” and you will be just fine! I believe in you; it’s time you start believing in yourself; let’s have some FUN, and let’s get more work done!”

Thanks for reading; I appreciate you all; let’s have a great week!

This week is event week at TLC; of course, our international event is virtual and will stream on totallifechanges.com all weekend. Russian and French events on Friday, English on Saturday, and Spanish on Sunday. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch if you can, even if it’s just an hour or so. The stories, the recognition, and the energy is something you need to feel and something you need to be aware that you are a part of because it will make you smile!


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