May the 4th be with you! To all you Star Wars fans.

“Passion is our fuel”

Fuel is what cars, machines, and humans use to keep going. Not everything uses the same fuel, but no matter what fuel is being used, once it runs out, everything stops, and that’s bad news.

We always only focus on the good news here at TLC, so… The good news is that as long as we keep the fuel level high, we can keep going forever! That is right, but we have to remember and remind ourselves as humans what our fuel is—wondering what I mean?

For many of us, our family and our kids are the fuel that keeps us going, but sometimes we forget that and get off track. For others, it’s a passion that fuels us, but sometimes something frustrates or distracts us, and we stop or slow down. And still, others are fueled by feeling accomplished when they complete a project or something, but when the hope of completing it dies for whatever the reason, so does the fuel.

So our passion and our “why’s” are definitely powerful fuel that keeps us going, but why do we sometimes stop or quit even though the family, the passion, or the desire to achieve something is still there? It’s because of one very important thing.

People don’t quit because they get tired of doing what they do. People quit because they forget why they do it. That is the real way to never run out of that fuel that drives us every day; we just have to remind ourselves why we are fighting, why we are pushing and why we have to keep going.

I challenge you today to do whatever you can to remember why you do what you do every day, maybe even several times per day. Stick post-it notes on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Put a picture in your car or change your home screen on your phone. Do whatever you can.

At TLC, our passion is helping people make a total life change. One thing that fuels us and keeps us going is asking people to share their stories. Something that we do very often. It may seem like asking someone to share their story would be for several other reasons but really, its just one. The stories we hear remind us of what we are a part of. It reminds us how we are helping people, and it reminds us that people need us!

We all need a passion, and we all need a big why to get us going, but to keep us going, we need something to remind us why every day. I have become much better at it in my life, and I want you to get better too. What drives you? Why did you start, and why do you do what you do every day? Please remind yourself in any way possible so you can keep going and help make the world a better place! I need your help keeping you going; please help me because I know you have a great passion. I just need you to remember why.

I want to thank you for going on this TLC journey with me. It is very near and dear to me, and it helps bring me joy. All of you help keep me going every day, whether you believe it or not, and for that, I am grateful.

Have an amazing week, and please remember why you do what you do and watch your fuel never run out! Thank you for reading, and God Bless you.

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