“PASSION is our Fuel”

Have you ever run into someone with real PASSION? A PASSION that you can not only see but also feel? Has this passionate person ever inspired you to do something or be a part of something you never thought you would agree with?

Well, if you’re older than 10, I am sure the answer to those questions is YES! PASSION gets our attention; it inspires us to listen more intently, to have an open mind, and even encourages us to want to be part of the energy that PASSION creates. We all want happiness, and PASSION is someone else’s happiness, but since we are all searching for happiness, we tend to gravitate towards it.

The following story just happened yesterday, and the passion displayed made me and those of us that were present behave differently than we would have otherwise; let’s begin:

Jack Fallon, Bolo Enriquez, Lucasz Malesinski, and I traveled to San Diego Monday to film some promotional videos for an upcoming product. After two days of work, we were tired and looked forward to getting back home on Wednesday but wanted to eat a nice dinner before returning. On Tuesday, we searched the internet for a restaurant that would satisfy our cravings for Italian food, which seemed like it was the popular request that night from the crew of 4 (can’t say that I blame them).

We came across 2 or 3 restaurants that seemed interesting and ultimately settled on the one that was farther away but had better reviews. A glance of the menu by an expert (me) seemed to prove that this place was truly authentic Italian, not an Americanized spinoff (sorry Olive Garden fans). This had us excited about the food as our hunger grew, and they were busy, so we had to make a reservation a little later than we wanted but decided to wait and take the late reservation.

The name of the place was “Rosina’s.”  As soon as we arrived, Jack and I started asking questions to the staff. We asked: “Is Rosina here? What’s her story? What are you guys known for? What part of Italy is the cuisine inspired by?”

We had no idea, but we were talking to Rosina’s son as we asked these questions. His name was Giancarlo (John-Carlo), and he very quickly answered all our questions and answered them PASSIONATELY as well.

Giancarlo was passionate about the restaurant, the food they served, and the legacy his mother had started. He was not our waiter but was at our table just as much as the waitress was. He was very passionate about telling us what was on the menu and made it a point to check in with us many many times to make sure we were enjoying the meal and being taken care of. This alone was inspiring because the restaurant was bustling, there were many tables that night, but you would never know it by the way Giancarlo took care of visiting with everyone. It was obvious by the way also running in and out of the kitchen as well, based on the fact that he was wearing an apron and running around.

I am sure many of you have had an experience like this, but the reason I chose to write about it this week is to highlight a point. We went to Rosina’s expecting a meal, but because of Giancarlo’s PASSION, we received an experience instead. He did not just give suggestions on what to order; he explained why. He talked about the ingredients they used, the process they used to cook everything, the secret recipes they had, and his mother’s high expectations. His mother had entrusted Giancarlo and his brother Gianfranco to make sure her reputation was not harmed, and each guest left happy, and they had a PASSION for all of it; this was very obvious, you could see it and feel it.

I have been out to eat with Bolo 100 times; he always orders soup no matter where we go, but Giancarlo’s passion inspired Bolo to eat something else instead. 

I have been out with Jack 1,000 times and can predict what he will order most of the time, but when Giancarlo spoke so passionately about two different dishes, Jack decided just to get both!

Lucasz is always counting calories, fasting, and watching what he eats in addition to reminding us to make good choices, but Giancarlo’s passion inspired him to eat the fresh bread, the hand made appetizers, and anything else he could shove down his throat. It seems the passion helped make the rules disappear that night for Lucasz.  

Then there was me. I am so predictable if you wanted to assassinate me, all you have to do is put the poison in the red meat (Filet or New York Strip), and you would accomplish your goal. But Giancarlo’s description of his nine-layer, hand made and multiple ingredients baked lasagna had me in a daze, so lots of carbs for me that night, I ate every bite and found it hard to breathe after.

Why do I share this? I share this because four different people who are older and set in their ways were ALL inspired to make different choices, be open-minded, and appreciate something. After all, someone had a PASSION that was hard to deny. This PASSION was why we had a great experience, why we made a great memory and why we will share this experience with others and, no doubt would visit again ourselves one day.

Many of us are trying to attract new friends or customers to our business or maybe even a significant other, and we sometimes ask ourselves why we are not successful. Still, I think all we need to ask ourselves is, are we passionate? Are we passionate about ourselves? Do we have self-esteem or confidence? Are we proud of ourselves?  The laws of attraction are pretty simple! PASSION attracts people and gets their attention, and YOU should be passionate every day!

YOU ARE A MIRACLE! The fact that you were born is a 400-million-to-one chance, never forget that! There is a gift inside you that the world needs to see; please find it and share it!

I don’t care who you are and where you’re from, I promise you if you are reading this, a passion and a gift is living inside you that you must find and share with the world. It is your duty, your responsibility, and your path to happiness! Don’t fight the passion, share it, and use it as your fuel to keep going every day!

At TLC, we are passionate about helping people all around the world make a total life change. We share that passion daily with whoever will listen, and we have attracted millions with that passion. It is the fuel that keeps us going, and the more people with PASSION we have, the more fuel we have to keep going!

Join us on the passion train! ALL ABOARD!!!!!

Thanks for reading!


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