“Having fun, we get more work done.”

Memories! We all have memories of good times in our lives, and we all have memories of bad times but have you ever noticed that we don’t remember the standard or blah times in our life?

We all remember the trips that we took with family while growing up to fun and exciting places. We also remember when something terrible happened, like falling off our bike and injuring ourselves. Still, we don’t know the trip we took to the bathroom when we were nine years old on the 2nd Thursday in January of that year.

We all remember when we went to a great birthday party or other celebration and had fun. We also remember when we didn’t get invited to a party that our friends were invited to and we felt really sad, but we don’t know about going to the doctor’s office for a checkup when we were 11 years old.

We all remember the first time we fell in love. We all remember the day we had our heartbroken for the first time, but we don’t remember the 16th date we went on with that person or its details.

Do you see the pattern here? Memories usually come from a fun or happy moment or a bad or traumatic one. They tend to stick with us and become things that we remember forever, but the mundane and regular uneventful days in our lives we tend to forget or not have much memory of because those moments just blended in with the rest, so we forgot about them.

There is good news here, though. If most of the memories that we keep come from a good or bad event in our life, we do have some sense of control. We can’t always control when something bad happens in our life, like a car accident or a breakup, but we can find reasons to celebrate and have fun every day. We can make it a point to have fun and have a good time, creating a memory!

If most of the memories we have are the good and bad events in our lives and we can create good ones ourselves, then, in my opinion, we can create a life of happy memories by thinking every day about how we can have fun and create those memories. If we do this, we can look back on our life in our final days and recall all of the events in our life and realize that our memories of great times are much more common than our memories of bad times because we made it a point to create as many good ones as possible.

Jack Fallon has been known to say that we should all have fun, make memories, and celebrate everything. All of these are the same thing, and he says it because he knows that if what we mostly remember are the good and bad times in our lives, then we might as well create as many good ones as possible.

I remember TLC’s times when things were not going well, and I thought we would go out of business. When I did training for the first time and did a terrible job, I was so mad at myself and remembered it well. The good news is I have hundreds of great memories over the years that remind me that overall my life has been good and filled with happiness for the most part.

I remember when Jack sang karaoke at the TLC Christmas party. I remember when Rosa received a pie in her face during fun Friday at the TLC Summer picnic a few years ago during Fun Friday. I also remember when Scott Bania showed up to Thursday night live last week with a suit on and decided to start the show by rapping live on the air.

I remember those moments now. I always will remember them, but I don’t remember what we did last year in early November during the weekly department head meeting because there was no good or bad memory there; it just blended in. I forgot about it quickly.

“Having fun we get more work done” means so much at TLC, but what it means to me today is realizing that memories are all we sometimes have, and we might as well make as many good ones as possible when we can by having fun because life is short and we all deserve the best life possible.

Have fun every day if possible, do fun things with your families, have fun at work and plan fun things for yourself to do next week, next month, and next year! Make those memories, and then not only will you remember them, but you can share those memories with someone else one day who wasn’t there and maybe make them smile or be happy. Isn’t that great?

YOU can make great memories today and every day; I challenge you to do so and would love to be part of a memory or two!

Have fun, create a memory and do it all over again the next day. Stick to this plan and watch your smile get wider every day and your happiness grow!

Thank you for reading, and have a FUN week!

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