“We are always hungry for more.”

Dollars Days are back at TLC this week! Monday, we launched our annual Dollar Days promos here at TLC, which we do every year in June. It has become quite the tradition here at TLC, and many start asking about it in April and May because they get excited.

We do deals all the time at TLC, and a predictable thing to write this week would be me saying, “We do deals and promos all the time because we are always hungry for more,” but that is not what I feel this week. Instead, I see an opportunity to teach how excitement and momentum can create hunger and how it seems it starts a euphoria that we can learn from in our daily lives.

Monday, the week-long deals were unleashed! Along with those were two additional flash sale deals that were only valid on Monday. On Tuesday, the fun continued, and we did the same. After every deal announcement and after each day, we kept hearing from so many of our customers and Life Changers! The most popular comment was “is there more?” or “What is next?” and many also said, “can you keep it going past midnight?”.

I mean, we launched nine deals on Monday plus two more that afternoon and two more on Tuesday. Isn’t 13 deals in 24 hours enough? Well, you see, when you get people excited, they can’t get enough. This is not just because of the deals. There is another lesson here. This week we gave people something to look forward to. Not once but every day, and there is power in that. What if we could get people excited about daily life like this? Wouldn’t that be great?

People have something to look forward to this week every day; this is something that most people don’t feel in their daily life. Most of us have a great weekend, and then we don’t feel like we have anything else to look forward to until next weekend. This leaves us feeling empty and unenthusiastic for many of those days.

It’s very rare you hear someone say on a Monday that they can’t wait until Tuesday. They just want the weekend to come but guess what, this week they are looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday because it all is exciting. They are hungry for more, and they look forward to it because they know something great is coming.

This is a great thing to learn from. Many of us are not hungry to experience the next day because we don’t see a value in a day that has nothing special happening on it, but we are looking at it all wrong. Each and every day gives us the opportunity to meet new people, do new things, be grateful, smile at someone, read a book, make an impact, love, serve, etc.

If we viewed these things as we did going to the beach or going to a party, then we would find that every day we would be hungry for more and cherish every day. So this week, I ask you to look at each day for the beautiful gift that it is and the beautiful moments that we can create if we try.

At TLC, we are constantly accused of always being hungry for more, and those accusations are correct, but what we are hungry for is life and the joys of it, and that is why we look forward to every day, not just some days.

Today is a Wednesday, and many will celebrate ‘hump day’ because we are halfway to the weekend, but at TLC, we don’t view it like that. Here we look at Wednesday as just as important as any other day and with the same amount of potential. This is why we stay hungry, and you can do this too!

Take inventory of the beautiful people and things in your life this week. Please remind yourself of all the possible beautiful moments you can create each day. I am sure that if you just change the way you look at things, you will find that the things you look at change. Try it out, and get ready to be hungry every day!

Thank you for reading, and have an amazing week!

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