“We don’t just do what’s easy, we do what’s right.”

You all have heard me say this many times, and many of you have told me the same. This Core Value is hard to accomplish, and I couldn’t agree more, but we can do things to get better.

There are a few examples in life where we can’t figure out the right thing to do because we need more information or time to reflect. This, of course, is understandable, and sometimes we need a few minutes or even a few days to figure out what the right thing to do is.

Most of the time, we know what the right thing to do is, and the only decision we are trying to make is whether we will do it. Unfortunately, many times doing what is right requires a quick decision. There is a good reason why we find ourselves failing to do the right thing so often. It’s simple: we are human.

As humans, we are constantly moving from emotion to emotion. We are sometimes happy or sad and other times frustrated or depressed, and even annoyed or tired. All these emotions will impact our decision to do the right thing. Today instead of asking you always to do the right thing, I decided I would ask you to put yourself in a position to do the right thing most of the time instead. I think this will help you choose to do what is right more often.

As I mentioned earlier, many times, we decide not to do the right thing because it’s hard. Most of the time, it’s only hard because of the current emotion we find ourselves in when faced with that decision. If we are tired, sick or coming off of an argument with someone, we are more likely not to do the right thing or make the right decision.

It is kind of like us deciding that since we aren’t mad or crabby or not feeling well and that we are going to take it out on the rest of the world. Of course, we don’t say this to ourselves, but maybe subconsciously, we do. After I realized this, it made me understand that what’s more important than making the right decision or doing the right thing is doing the right thing BEFORE that moment!

Here is your secret tip, which will help you do what is right more often! Wait for it … TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! That is right; this is the secret! For many years, I tried to figure out how to get better at doing the right thing, and I often struggled with it. Then I realized that it’s not in that decision-making moment that is the most important but rather in the moments leading up to it.

What I’m trying to say is that preparing yourself for every possible moment where you will be required to do the right thing is the most important. I already listed some of the things that have made me fail to do the right thing above. Being tired or frustrated or having hate towards someone or feeling distant from God are all things that I have reflected on that have made me not do the right thing in the moment.

Therefore, I have learned that if I want to make the right decisions or do the right thing, it’s all about taking care of me before those moments happen. Making sure I get enough sleep, eat healthier, workout, pray more, go to church, meditate, write down things I am grateful for daily, smile and laugh often, forgive others, give to others, serve with my heart.

All of these things get me ready to do the right thing when that moment or decision faces itself, and that is my message to you today. If you want to do the right thing, the work has to be put in before the situation presents itself.  Take care of your mind, body, and spirit daily; this will help put you in a position not just to do what’s easy but also do what’s right.  And as a bonus, when you start doing this, you start feeling proud of yourself and happier and then it’s even easier to do the right thing next time.

One day after doing the right thing over and over again, you realize that doing the right thing is hard sometimes, but when you know the secret, it gets a little easier each time!

I challenge you all this week to start taking care of yourself!  Put yourself in a good mental, physical and spiritual state as often as possible, and I promise you that this core value not only becomes easier to be true too but also becomes the one that brings you the most joy.  Once again, it always seems like the best way to positively impact others is to impact ourselves positively, so what are you waiting for? Please start today!

Thank you for reading this week and every week.  I love you all and pray you have a fantastic day!  Until next week I say to you: Do what’s right, take care of YOU!

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