“We don’t just do what’s easy; we do what’s right.”

I’m sure we can agree that life today is fast-paced and so busy for all of us. We are all trying to keep up with our commitments all the time, and it’s harder than ever to keep up! Most of our time is filled with things that we have to do, and our free time has become minimal over the years.

Some of this busyness is a good thing; we are blessed! It could be a busy career or a busy family life, or a combination of both. When you reflect on this with a grateful mindset, you realize that having a busy life is not so bad when you consider the alternative!

If you have a job, a family, friends and whatever else may be keeping you busy, it is essential to remember that many would be happy to trade your busy life for their non-busy one. I am sure many people in the cemetery would also sign up for your busy life if they could.

I think we can all agree that maybe having a busy life is not such a bad thing. But I do have a concern with all of us having such a busy life. That concern puts us in a position where we constantly decide to do whatever is faster to save time. I have nothing against being efficient and saving time, but I realize that this usually leads to deciding not to do the right thing because it will take longer.

We have all been there; I have even written about it in the past. We usually know in every situation what the right thing to do is, and we sometimes have to decide quickly if we are going to do the right thing or not.

Our decision is often based on how physically hard something might be or maybe even if it is embarrassing or not. This may lead us to choose not to do the right thing on many occasions. In the last several years, I have found that most of my failures of doing the right thing are because it will take longer, and I am so busy.

Maybe you have been there as well. Perhaps there is a phone call that you need to make to apologize to someone but decided to send a text message instead. It is still an apology but is it the right thing to do? That phone call or face-to-face visit is probably best, and it’s going to take longer but probably make you and the other person feel much better.

There may have been a time where you decided to buy a close friend or maybe even a spouse a gift card instead of a birthday present. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a nice thought but taking the extra time to buy something specifically for them is probably the right thing to do, especially if you love them dearly!

Maybe you are guilty of this one; I know I am. I can remember the few times that I have left the church a few minutes early in my life. It never made me feel good, and it was always because I wanted to avoid the traffic in the parking lot and save time!

I am trying to say that having a busy life is a blessing, but it is also dangerous to do the right thing. We are committed to so much, leaving little time for important things sometimes.

My wish is for all of you is to attract success and busyness into your life. I wish you all the great things people want to for, but I also caution you that this may come with a price. If you create a super busy life with little time for much else, you take one significant risk. A risk that you will not have time to do the right thing, which I am sure will make you feel as crappy as it makes me think.

I challenge you this week to reflect and think about your busy life. Try to guess where you can re-organize some things taking a lot of your time without adding value to your life. There is an opportunity to create more free time if you look!

I want you to find more free time in your life!  Not because I want you to relax more, play golf, go fishing more, or do any other recreational activities, but instead, I want you to create free time for another reason.

I want you always to have enough time to do the right thing because if you are anything like me, you usually fail at doing the right thing. After all, it’s faster to do what’s easy. Being busy can be a blessing but not doing the right thing can be a curse.

At TLC, we don’t just do what’s easy; we do what’s right and realize that the right thing to do is always to make sure you have enough time to do the right thing! I promise to get better at making time in my schedule to do the right thing! Is anyone else with me?

Have a great week, and thanks for reading!


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