This is the last core value message of 2020! Many are glad this year is over and have hope for a better 2021, but I think we still have plenty to be grateful for as we look back on 2020. We realized we take our freedoms for granted, simple freedoms like going out to dinner or spending time with friends and families, traveling, going to work or school, and even church. This year we realized how grateful we should be for simple things.

“We are always hungry for more.”

2020 is a year that many would like to forget, but if we look back carefully, I am sure you will find there were still some great moments in 2020 that we enjoyed.

God and the universe were good to TLC in 2020. We had our best year ever. It did not come easy, though, we had many challenges with logistics, inventory, lack of personnel, and many other challenges, but we overcame them by staying hungry every day.

Of course, TLC benefited from the fact that people desired health and wellness products. They were looking for additional income opportunities. They were looking for a social community since they were lonely and had unexpected free time.

TLC had all of those available, so we attracted many people, but we still had to do the work! We didn’t have enough people to answer phones and ship products, we didn’t have enough inventory, and we barely slept, but we did everything we could every day, and we never stopped. All of a sudden, it was not about us; it was about others.

We have all been students of Jack’s vision for serving others, and our instinct was to serve during that time. What kept us going every day was the fact that people needed us. That’s what drives us here at TLC. Not our financial gain or our fame but just serving and helping people. It drove us 17 years ago, it drives us today, and it will continue to drive 17 years from now and beyond.

That is our secret; we are always hungry for more because our goals, priorities, and joy come from helping and serving others, and the more we do it, the more we crave it. Jack has always given us lofty goals to achieve, and those goals always included many people.  Your goals MUST include others, and the more people it includes, the more it will drive you to keep going.

Many people have goals to buy a car, buy a house or save for retirement, but think about it this way. The car may benefit you, the house may benefit your family, and the retirement maybe you and your spouse. But because there are not many people involved in those goals, once you achieve them, you stop, and once you stop your hunger to do more, it soon disappears.

Your goals need to be like Jack Fallon’s goals; they need to include so many people that it drives you every day. Or you can attach yourself to a vision and goal like his and make it your own; that’s what happened to me and thousands of others. It drives us every day, and it makes us happy.

If you enjoy helping people, this is the place for you because here, that’s what we try to do every day. And we are always looking for new, better, and creative ways to help people all the time. Our products, our business opportunity, and our community are all designed to help people.

We are always looking to improve our products; it can help people. We are always looking to improve our income opportunity and explain it better to people because it can help them. We continuously meet to improve our daily broadcasts and our events because it can help people. It’s always about others, it’s never about us, and it never will be.

Once we shift our focus to ourselves, we risk losing our hunger and losing our purpose, and that is really what is the ultimate secret when it comes to staying hungry; it is finding a purpose. Our Life Changers, our customers, our employees, our vendors, all of their families, and all the people in the world looking for hope and who love to dream are the purpose we have in our hearts and minds every day. They will continue to keep us going forever!

Yesterday we woke up and craved helping people. Today we did the same, and tomorrow we will do it again because here in this community. We don’t rest after we achieve a new milestone or relax when we receive an award. We keep going because WE ARE ALWAYS HUNGRY FOR MORE!

2021 is just a few days away, and it brings hope that life may return to normal; and I think all of us want that, but what will keep us going every day is reminding each other that better days lie ahead. In the meantime, we can be grateful for the air in our lungs and another day of being able to serve others; I am proud to do that alongside all of you and can’t wait to keep changing lives around the world one cup of tea at a time!

Thank you for reading, thank you for another great year, and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Please be safe and get ready for 2021.

It’s going to be amazing!


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