“Our standard is giving more than what is expected.”

If you look up the definition of “standard” in the dictionary, you will find several definitions. Still, the way it is used in this core value means an example of a rule of measure within an organization.

Many of us look at this core value and read it periodically and remind ourselves that we have a higher standard here at TLC than most organizations when it comes to giving, and we do give more, so it fits.

I also remind myself daily that we have a high standard for giving, but I have recently realized that even though we have a high standard for giving more than what is expected at TLC, there is something even more special.

I have realized that we don’t give more than what is expected just because it’s a standard that we have set. When I look at all of us, starting with Jack Fallon, giving is something we love to do, not just something we do because we have a standard to follow. I think that is why we continue to inspire people worldwide because we are just being ourselves, and nobody expects us to be so giving.

I do believe that this is what separates us from so many other organizations. This core value is not a rallying cry or even a standard that we feel we must follow every day, it’s just what we naturally do, and we love it.

For me and hopefully, for you, this core value is not a task that we remind ourselves of but rather a definition of who we are to the world; there is a big difference! Many businesses train their associates that the “customer is always right.” We do the same, but not because we decided that’s the best business plan but rather because we love people. We would rather give to others as opposed to receiving.

This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, or you may even be confused about what I am trying to say at this point, but maybe I can say it a different way.

Our STANDARD is giving more than what is expected means It’s in our DNA to give more than what is expected. We don’t do it because a piece of paper tells us to. We don’t do it because Jack Fallon tells us to do it. We do it because it is very natural for all of us. We love people, and we love giving, and that is something that no organization can duplicate, and it’s the reason why TLC is so special.

People tell us all the time that TLC gives so much. We are always grateful for the feedback, but honestly, we usually don’t think it’s a big deal because we genuinely want to give, but the world thinks and feels otherwise. They can feel our authenticity, and they can see that this core value and all the rest of them are not tasks that we follow, but these are a definition of who we are as people and why we do what we do.

People are always looking for genuine people, so our core values are essential. These core values are not a set of directions that we want you to follow, but instead, they are admissions to the world of who we are and what they can expect from TLC. When they meet and interact with us, they see and feel this about us and trust us.

This is why we continue to attract great people at TLCHQ and our other offices worldwide. This core value is not a statement; it’s a question to potential employees. Is giving and helping others something you love to do? Does it make you happy? If you answered yes, you will love it here; join our team!

My goal this week was to have you look at this core value differently moving forward and remind yourself every time from now on when you see this core value the following:

“We love to give more than what is expected; it’s who we are.” It is not a standard. We love giving, we love serving, and this lives deep in our DNA. People tell us all the time we provide a lot, but it’s just who we are.

Let’s show the world a little more than what we do and instead show them who we are. We can start by doing what we do well and what we love to do, giving to them. The good news is all you have to do is be yourself, you little giver because that’s who you are; the rest will take care of itself!

Thank you for reading this week, and remember to be yourself because you are fantastic and amazing!

Have a great week!

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