“We are always hungry for more.”

Greetings, everyone. I hope you’re having an amazing week so far! It is hard to believe that the eighth month of the year is upon us, but here we are in August 2022. Sometimes at this point in the year, people start thinking about giving up on their goals for the year and looking forward to the next one. This may be because we haven’t made enough strides towards those goals and feel like it’s no longer attainable or maybe life or adversity hit us this year. I just wanted to remind you this week that it’s not too late to achieve everything you want to do this year and more, so please don’t give up!

Ironically today, I shared a daily message about what it takes to become a champion and, more importantly, what it takes to remain a champion. Now because of this week’s core value topic, I get to continue talking about the same thing. This is because always being hungry for more is exactly what will help you remain a champion when you become one.

Here in our TLC community, we are always hungry for more. I am confident that you all know that, and you have witnessed it, but I am not sure if all of you realize why it’s so important to always be hungry for more. It’s not just an impressive trait; it’s also a very important one if your goal is to keep on being successful. This is true in your organization, your team, or even your personal life.

When you are always hungry for more, it means that as soon as you accomplish something great or finish an important task, you immediately shift your focus to the very next goal or task. This comes from passion, purpose, and an overwhelming desire to make an impact or succeed. This is also a very important ingredient to remaining successful permanently. Way too many times in life, we do everything we can to succeed or become a champion because we are hungry but as soon as we achieve it or win the trophy, we relax.

This, of course, leads us to lose everything we have gained or find ourselves regressing somehow. This is because we get comfortable, or we only focus on doing whatever it takes to become the champion or succeed, and once we get there, we take our foot off the gas.

Many of us find ourselves in a situation at some point in our life when we have lost something that we have worked so hard to achieve.
This could be a material thing like a car or a house. It could also be a relationship like a marriage. It can be a first place trophy in a competition, or it could even be our reputation. It happens quickly or slowly, but one day we wake up and realize we lost some or all of what we worked so hard to achieve.

In these moments, we can easily become frustrated and depressed and feel hopeless. We may also stay in this state of mind because we don’t know what to do, but I am here to tell you that you know exactly what to do! Just reflect back on exactly what it took for you to be a champion. What did you do to find success or win the trophy? What did you do to attract the relationship or build your reputation?

You already know the recipe to win again or to get it all back. It’s the exact same thing you did before; you just have to remind yourself to go out and do it. This is why always being hungry for more is important because it can help you stay busy and can also help ensure you don’t lose what you already have or what you have already achieved.

Still, we are human, so we will either get comfortable or relaxed and lose what we have achieved, or life will throw some unexpected adversity our way, and we lose in that manner. The thing to remember is to try to stay hungry! The best chance you have at staying hungry and continuing to find success in life and maintain it is to make sure you are in the right place doing what you love to do with the people you love to do it with.

This is why I and so many of us are blessed right here at TLC. It’s so much easier for us to stay hungry because we love what we do and the people we do it with. We are in the life-changing and smile-creating business, and I can’t see us doing anything else. And every time we change a life or create a smile, we always ask ourselves, who’s next?

I want to thank all of you for being part of this organization and doing your best to make an impact every day. You may not realize it, but all of us feed off of each other’s energy, and because of that, we are responsible for each other staying hungry, so thank you. I plan on working and serving with the same effort I did 20 years ago, 20 years from now. I’m never going to slow down by choice or lose my hunger for helping people, and I could surely use the help from each of you!

Who is with me? Volunteers needed! Negative and grumpy people need not apply! Have a great week, everyone and don’t give up on your 2022 dreams, and never give up on your lifelong dreams! God bless you.

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