“We are always hungry for more.”

Sometimes we have good days, and sometimes we have bad days, and sometimes we have days that are just kind of so-so. The most important thing is we have days.

Many people we know and do not know are no longer with us and have no days to look forward to. Even more, people have only a short time left before they have no days left. Still, even though we are aware of this, we complain about rainy days, snowy days, windy days, cloudy days, and every other kind of day, without realizing that the most important thing is we have a day!

Each day brings one more chance to be great and inspire greatness from others. One more opportunity to love and to be loved. One more chance to struggle and overcome. And one more chance to go to bed excited about the next day.  

On Monday, which was just a couple of days ago, I had one of those days. You know what kind of day I’m talking about! The kind of day where halfway through the day, so many things have gone wrong that you wish you could press reset and start all over again. My day started with some unexpected challenges, and as the day went on, it seemed like absolutely nothing went the way it was planned, and it was very frustrating.

I kept hoping for things to get better, and when they didn’t, I started saying “Poor me,” to myself and even to other people as I explained the day I was having to them.

When I arrived home in the evening, my mind was not in the right place.  I made sure to tell my family what a bad day I had and that I was not in a good mood. This was very non-typical of me, and I’m embarrassed when I think about it. Almost always when we have a bad day, more bad news soon found its way to me.

There was water on the ground in the basement, and nobody seemed to know why. After further review, I realized my water heater was leaking, and I once again said, “why me, why me, why me!” How could this be happening, and why does is this happening to me?

To make matters worse, what should have been a simple repair turned into a major one and a huge mess of water everywhere that needed to be cleaned up. I couldn’t believe how many things had not gone well throughout the day. I also couldn’t believe how I lost my composure, and I was not handling it as well as I usually did.

Eventually, everything got fixed, and everything got cleaned up and ended up being okay, but not without me complaining about it to myself and others all day long. Then the following day, everything changed for me. As I reflected on the day I had yesterday, I realized that it was very challenging and full of surprises, and many things were very stressful that happened throughout the day, and it was frustrating. What I also realized after reflecting was that everything was okay, and I was alive!!!

I also realized that it felt good knowing that even though I had a lot of challenges, I overcame all of them. How those challenges were behind me, and then instead of complaining about the day I had, I instead started craving another day with unexpected challenges and frustrations. As I sat and reflected, I realized that many people who have left this earth would most likely trade my day of challenges just for one more day to hug someone they love or spend time with their friends or even help a stranger smile.

Even those who appear that we have it all figured out and appear happy still have challenges just like all the other human beings on planet earth. I am no exception, and I’m glad that I was able to go through that bad day and get through it and reflect on it and learn from it and also be reminded to be grateful for every single moment, good or bad, because it’s a moment that some don’t have.

The reflection made me realize I’m hungry for another day and another day and another day, and I will always be hungry for more! If the day is good or bad, challenging or easy, blissful or sad, I will be hungry for another because no day is guaranteed. We can’t guarantee each day will be perfect and great but being grateful and hungry for the day is something we can guarantee to ourselves every day, and we should!

I am always hungry for more of whatever life decides to throw my way because it’s also another day with all of you, and that’s a great thing no matter how bad it seems.

Thanks for being amazing, and thanks for making it through those hard days and enjoying those good ones and going to bed at night, always smiling because you’re hungry for the next day!

Thank you so much for reading; I love you all, and until next week stay hungry and stay happy!

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