By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

Taking a multivitamin may not seem essential, but during the cold and flu season, getting your vitamins and minerals is vital for combatting the flu. NutraBurst® is a great way to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients that it needs and provides a boost to your defense system to fight off any bugs that may be spread in your home, work, or even the gym! Stay strong and defend your body with this complete liquid multivitamin!

1. Amino Acids Assist with Protein Synthesis

Amino acids are the building blocks that make up proteins in your body. They cause chemical reactions in your body, transport nutrients, prevent illnesses, and build muscles. There are 20 amino acids that your body needs to grow and function properly. There are nine essential amino acids that your body needs that you must obtain through your diet. NutraBurst® provides these nine amino acids, which include: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine as well as ten more non-essential amino acids, which are made by your body. These amino acids may aid in improving mood and sleep and may also boost exercise performance.

2. Liquid Ensures Absorption

Most multi-vitamins are made in tablet form, which may not break down in the right amount of time, which jeopardizes the absorption of nutrients. Tablets can take up to 30 minutes to break down, and then the body can utilize the nutrients found inside them. If you consume a liquid multi-vitamin like NutraBurst®, this absorption rate is much higher than tablets, up to 98%, because the body does not have to break down these nutrients from a solid tablet. In a liquid form, vitamins and minerals are readily absorbed by the body and can be utilized within the body in 4 minutes.

3. Whole Food Greens are Packed with Nutrition

Full food greens are derived from plants that are superfoods, which are nutrient-dense, and vitamin-packed. The top 5 whole food greens found in NutraBurst® include barley greens, buckwheat, wheatgrass, chlorella, and spirulina. This array of plant extracts has significant benefits for your digestive system and defense system. Barley greens provide your body with soluble and insoluble fiber, which aids with digestion. Buckwheat is an excellent source of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates to keep your body fueled. Wheatgrass is another source of vitamins and proteins, and it functions as a detoxifier in the body as well. Chlorella is made up of 50-60% protein and contains all nine essential amino acids and is also a good source of iron and vitamin c, which helps you absorb iron. All these whole greens work synergistically to provide a complete balance of nutrients and vitamins.

NutraBurst® is a great option to add to your diet to make sure your diet is balanced and full of vitamins and minerals to help with combatting the flu during peak flu season.

It is even safe for your kids to take! So, make sure to stock up on NutraBurst® for your whole family and be prepared to combat the fall and winter bugs!

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