By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

Keeping up with your kids is hard. Between school, back to school shopping, making dinner, cleaning up messes, and whatever else your youngsters get into, it can all make you feel a bit exhausted. Not to mention, you must find time for yourself to squeeze into that busy schedule. So how can you keep up with your kids while caring for yourself too?

1. Establish a Routine

Routines help establish what is essential to your household. Routines can create safety, and belonging encourages learning new skills and helps them build healthy habits.

For example, setting a wake-up routine, like brushing their teeth and washing their hands, can help them build skills that will create healthy habits, and will ensure that they stay healthy. Giving your children certain chores to do as part of their daily lives can teach them responsibility and independence. Making time in your schedule to be together can be beneficial and can strengthen bonds and help your child feel safe.

2. Get Moving!

It may seem counterintuitive to exercise if you are tired, but it can help you to feel more energized in the long term. A scientific study has shown that adults who get 150 minutes of regular physical activity in one week will have better sleep and more energy during the day. An excellent way to sneak exercise into your routine is to walk or bike to somewhere that you would usually drive to, like a local park or farmers market.

3. Cut out Bad Foods, Introduce Good Foods

You’ve heard it a thousand times: eat healthy! But what does that truly mean? And what SHOULD we eat? To start, subtract a few bad foods from your routine, such as high sugar sodas and processed and refined carbs. Sugary sodas can give you a quick burst of energy but leave you crashing and burning later. Refined carbs such as white breads, pasta, pastries, and breakfast cereals have been stripped of all bran, fiber, and nutrients, and are digested quickly, causing unhealthy spikes in blood sugar.

Some good swaps for these nutritionally barren foods are whole grain bread, pasta, and pastries, and oatmeal. Soda can be swapped for sparkling water.

4. Swap your Coffee for NRG

Although some of us live on coffee, it may become addicting and can cause other adverse side effects, like insomnia and low energy levels. Weaning yourself off the coffee can naturally reset your body and sleep schedule.

Incorporating an all-natural energy supplement like our NRG can be a great way to provide clean energy without the jitters or crash.  It is formulated with Advantra-Z®, which is a thermogenic fat burner, as well as a blend of B vitamins and minerals, beta-phenethylamine, green tea extract, and many more beneficial ingredients to accelerate your energy levels and support your fitness goals.

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