Weekly Rank List

Weekly Rank List December 20- December 26, 2019

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Ch Enterprises LLC

Cassandra Liger Gilliannie Fuller Alvin Bonet Franccisco Valverde Opal Collins Patricia Hudson Gladys Candia Verónica López Benítez  Xo Meesh Cecilia Reinoso Acevedo  Brenda Dawson Luis Ortiz Valentin

Latoria Johnson  Derrick Miller Aleksandra Kolesnichenko Stacy Serrano Tiffany Tise Catrina Hill Sandra Goodwin Jamika Smith Yvonne Wells Priscilla Adu-Ofori Azia Harris  Oscar Hermenegildo Gómez

Sharmeeka Brooks Maniya Canty Stormy Wellington Natalie Smith Kimberly Wilson Aleksandra Kolesnichenko Angela Ramos Jessica Leon Chicaiza Tammy Price Jhon Castañeda Ruiz

Sharmeeka Brooks Nydra Venable  Stormy Wellington Tewonia Frank Oneka Nobrega Rossalba Molina Tineo Thelma Huton Kimberly Wilson Nicole Bourn Selma Glover

Sharmeeka Brooks Stormy Wellington Nydra Venable  Oneka Nobrega Nicole Ringer James And Louann Kramer  Tewonia Frank Rossalba Molina Tineo Thelma Huton Kimberly Wilson

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