How can I become involved with TLC?

As an Independent Representative (Life Changer) of Total Life Changes® (TLC), you can participate in three ways:

  • You can purchase TLC products for your own use.
  • You can sell TLC products to others to make a retail profit.
  • You can recruit others who want to consume or sell TLC products to become Life Changers.

Can I just be a customer?

If your only purpose in joining TLC is to enjoy TLC products, you have the option to join as a Preferred Customer. Most people who join TLC do so as a Preferred Customer and do not participate in the business opportunity as a Life Changer. A Preferred Customer may upgrade to a Life Changer and build a business at any time by purchasing a Business Starter Kit for $59.95 and completing the enrollment process. There is no additional discount on product purchases as a Life Changer versus the prices paid as a Preferred Customer. Therefore, there is no need to become a Life Changer if you just want to enjoy products from Total Life Changes for yourself and/or your family.

What should I know about the TLC?

  • Aside from the initial Business Starter Kit ($59.95) or International Starter Kit ($29.95), there are no additional purchases required to become a Life Changer.
  • Life Changers have the freedom to choose when and how to promote and sell TLC products based on their own schedule.
  • Most Life Changers start their TLC business by working part-time and selling to people they know or meet as a way to make a little extra money.
  • There are no guarantees that you will earn any income. Some Life Changers will succeed, while others will not.
  • Some factors that influence likelihood of success are time, dedication, effort, and skill.
  • Life Changers who successfully build a sales organization typically do so over multiple years.

How can I earn money?

You can earn money by selling TLC products to customers. For each customer sale, you can earn up to 50% of a product’s qualifying volume in a cash commission.

You can also earn additional income by inspiring others to join your organization as a Life Changer. This takes a greater amount of skill, training, and ability. You cannot earn money solely by sponsoring others to join your organization.

Most people concentrate on the selling TLC products to customers to earn a retail commission.

Retail Price $54.95
Point Value 40 points

50% Retail Commission $20.00

How much can I earn in a typical year?

In 2020, about 220,573 U.S. Life Changers participated in the TLC Business Opportunity in one or more months and about 93,446 of them earned money from their sales and the sales of those they sponsored. Here is what they typically earned annually, before expenses:

Annual Income Earned by First Year Life Changers (about 190,144) in 2020:
  • About 59% (111,448) earned no money at all
  • About 41% (78,696) earned and the average annual earnings were $1,1511.71
  • Top 10% (7,870) of Life Changers who earned, earned an average of $2,681.43 annually
  • Top 1% (787) of Life Changers who earned, earned an average of $12,569.18 annually
Annual Income Earned by All Life Changers (about 220,573) in 2020:
  • About 58% (127,127) earned no money at all
  • About 42% (93,446) earned and the average annual earnings were $1,124.05
  • Top 10% (9,345) of Life Changers who earned, earned an average of $9,761.06 annually
  • Top 1% (935) of Life Changers who earned, earned an average of $76,619.34 annually

Earning commissions requires skill, consistent work, and education. As with any compensation plan, your results may vary and will be based on your aptitude, business experience, knowledge, and the amount of time dedicated. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

You may cancel your Preferred Customer or Life Changer account at any time. Life Changers may return the Business Starter Kit, any product, or marketing materials purchased within the last (6) months as pursuant to TLC’s Policies and Procedures. Please email tlccompliance@totallifechanges.com for further assistance.