Take your eyelashes past the legal limit

Lashes is a 3D-fiber lash mascara that will instantly add volume to your lashes, compliment the natural beauty of your eyes, and enhance their remarkable appearance.

More about Lashes

Our mascara is made from 100%-natural fibers extracted from green tea and black iron oxide. Lashes is an easy-to-use combination of primer/sealer and 3D-fiber that creates an immediate impact upon the fullness, length, and curls of eyelashes.

Lashes include one primer/sealer and one 3D-fiber application cylinder.

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Product Description

Why Lashes is popular

Lashes is a convenient alternative to costly false eyelash extensions that can take one to two hours for a professional to apply. Instead of spending $100 to $300 for extensions that look the same all the time, Lashes’ 100%-natural fibers provide you with a versatility of appearance for every occasion.

Important benefits

Beauty can be convenient

Lashes lengthening mascara is quick and convenient to apply. This product combines a primer/sealer applicator with the technology of 3D-fibers that enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

You choose the look

Lashes unique mascara gel adheres and seals 100%-natural fibers to the eyelashes. The number of coats applied will determine the volume of your eyelashes, thus offering versatility in your choice of appearance.

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