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What will you do to make your impact on the world? Will you start by giving more than what’s expected? Will you embrace your passion and dreams to achieve success and remain hungry for more? Or will you sit still and do nothing while the world around you makes Total Life Changes? The choice is yours.

Jack Fallon knows from experience that chasing your dreams can be challenging. He gave up a “good life” to seek out a “great one,” and, through passion and perseverance, he built a brand that positively impacts lives around the world. He wrote this book to express hope and solidarity with dreamers who are willing to embrace their passion and strive for more.

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Be inspired to do more than what is
expected by helping others.
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Learn what it takes to be successful and stay motivated.
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Learn how to believe in yourself just as much as Jack believes in you.
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Discover what it takes to always be hungry for more.
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Learn what it means to love each other period for the greatest rewards.
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Find the fuel for your passion and turn it into a hustle for success.


When the world says you are not supposed to succeed, Jack doesn’t believe it. And when one door closes, another door opens, even if you can’t see it yet.

Jack believes that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to walk through that door and be successful, and he wants to be your guide by telling you his personal story and how you too can achieve greatness by doing more than what is expected and always being hungry for more.

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Jack Fallon and TLC products



Jack Fallon Signature

Jack Fallon is a father of four energetic boys, husband to his one true north Jenny, a believer in God the Almighty, and forever grateful to Granny for taking him in and raising him to be the influential man that he is today.

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Among all of his achievements, he is also the founder and chief executive officer of Total Life Changes (TLC), an internationally recognized direct selling company headquartered in Ira Township, Michigan. TLC enjoys the success of several global bestselling products found in the health and wellness industry that include NutraBurst®, Iaso® Original and Instant Tea, NRG, and more through the aide of its Life Changers who are a direct connection to the community that Jack and TLC serve every day.

Besides being a business owner, Jack is an accomplished speaker, an influential motivator, and a strategist who has transcended the typical network marketing model. His company was founded on the principles of his youth: show up, work hard until the job is done, and give others what they need to succeed.

Jack has had several accomplishments to date, including obtaining a "Best Places to Work" award, and he is only getting started. Read his story found exclusively in Believe In More and discover his secrets, become hungry for more, and learn what it takes to love each other, period.

Tyler Ross



After a successful 30-year career in corporate marketing and communications, I decided it was time to follow my dreams and make a big, bold move in my life. I left my executive position to start my own company, fittingly named: Big Bold Moves. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to collaborate with other progressive-minded people who have passion in their soul and a fire in their belly. Enter, Jack Fallon.

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The opportunity to write Jack’s autobiography was another big, bold move for me. I could feel my heart racing with excitement to take on this new challenge. Getting to know Jack, his family, and the TLC team was a life-changing experience, and I am forever grateful. They welcomed me like a family member. There were times when we laughed and cried, and other times we had so much fun it didn’t seem like work at all. We began each day with gratitude, and I am very proud of what we accomplished together.

Jack’s journey is inspiring. The first time I met Jack, his positive energy filled the room. I remember his humble and approachable demeanor, and I can still hear echoes of his laughter. Listening to the life stories that helped shape his core values inspired me to believe in more. I knew God had me exactly where I was supposed to be.
I hope by reading Jack’s book, you are inspired to follow your dreams and believe in more.

Tyler J. Ross
What’s your next big, bold move?

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Gabriel Silverio Testimonial

Gabriel Silverio

“This retelling of how Jack Fallon has accomplished so much in his efforts to give others more is a motivational Godsend. Putting faith and family first, Jack explains how anyone from anywhere can make their work ethic work for them in wonderful ways if they only remember what’s important: showing up, working hard and inspiring everyone around while making sure they too live a good life.”

Ayo Ogunsei

Ayo Ogunsei
Life Changer

“This memoir, like Jack Fallon’s career, transcends what you’d expect in an average retelling of someone’s life. “Believe in More” is a heartfelt story of how to build an empire from the ground up, and the perfect diagram for accomplishing your life’s goals.”

Bruce Mars

Bruce Mars
Interior Decorator

“I’ve heard Jack speak and have long been a fan of his work ethic and his belief in everyone whose life he touches. His agenda has always been to teach everyone else how to reach the mountaintop. And his motivation is that he never wants to fail at that. “Believe in More” is the ultimate motivational speech.”

Shelly Johnson

Shelly Johnson
Marketing Team Lead

“Giving something greater than people expect is one of Jack Fallon’s foundations of success, and one of his most humanitarian gifts. His memoir is striking in its emotional pull – family and faith and letting the people around you lift you up – and its ability to clearly light the path to making a great living while helping others do the same.”


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If you would like to contact Jack Fallon about his book, Believe In More, his company Total Life Changes, to invite him as a Keynote or Motivational Speaker, or to share your own success story, he would like to know! Please fill out the form below, and a member of his team will reach out to you soon!

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Believe in More is more than a book, it is a story and a lifestyle. Understand what it means to always be hungry for more, and begin your journey of success just like Jack by learning who he is, how much you both have in common and what it takes to find the fuel for your passions.

Regardless if you are a Life Changer, an Entreprenuer or someone else, Believe In More is the book for those that are interested in the taking the next step in life and learning how they too can inspire others and make change across the globe.

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