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What is Myzone?


Myzone is your complete fitness partner: wearable fitness trackers paired with an online social platform that helps keep you accountable to your wellness goals and lets you brag about your results.

Total Life Changes is proud to partner with Myzone to help you find success through the 15 Day Challenge Program. With TLC, you receive special Myzone pricing, and continue your journey with the products and community you can feel!

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Follow your heart

Dual-sensor technology with ECG and PPG tracking

Newest Technology

Built-in memory and up to six months battery life

Modern Design

Wear it your way for comfort and convenience

The Benefits of Myzone

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With your Myzone tracker, measure and record the effort you put into every workout and easily slide your results into the Myzone social platform.
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Track your Myzone Effort Points for an accurate reading on your progress based on your fitness level. Create and join groups to motivate, challenge, and support each other along your wellness journeys.
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The Myzone app makes it easy to plan and complete every workout, tailored to your fitness level and goals.
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No pressure. No guilt. Just support and success and the information you need to make the most of every workout!
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Join the TLC Community


The 15-Day Challenge is to help jumpstart your fitness journey. The power of TLC’s products and the support of the 15-Day Challengers around the world. And thanks to TLC’s partnership with Myzone, it’s easier than ever to record your workouts, track your progress, and connect with the 15-Day Challenge community across the globe.

Even if you’re the only person at the gym, with the support of your 15-Day Challenge family, you’re never alone.

Together with Myzone, TLC’s 15-Day Challenge program brings you the technology, the products, and the community you’ll feel on your way to health and wellness success.


How to Get Started

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