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The mission of Twisted Pink is to extend lives and improve quality of life for late stage breast cancer patients and their families by funding metastatic (stage IV)

breast cancer research. We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization with Fed Tax ID 47-1140389.

Twisted Pink was established in 2014 after our founder, Caroline Johnson, completed her own treatment for stage III ER+ breast cancer.  Her passion for funding research was driven partially by learning more about the statistics of the disease during her own journey.  These can be found here

Since our inception in 2014, Twisted Pink has raised $1,394,922.84  to fund Stage IV research. These are much needed research dollars that have the potential to extend or save lives for metastatic breast cancer patients. Our collaborations and advocacy for matching dollars has resulted in over $1.82 million dollars to metastatic breast cancer research.  This success and the research we have funded wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers, board members, patient advocacy groups, generous donors and our corporate sponsors.


Patients living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) have much different experiences than patients undergoing early stage breast cancer treatments.  Offering support to these patients is a crucial aspect of advocating to improve the lives of those living with MBC. 

In 2018, Twisted Pink created a private support group for individuals both living with MBC to receive support from their peers and breast cancer survivors to understand what it is like to live with MBC.  Caregivers are also welcome in the support group.  It’s a safe place to share the emotions this disease inevitably brings. 

The group is open to any stage IV patient or early stage survivors that share in our passion of advocating for Stage IV research.  We invite individuals living with MBC or early stage breast cancer survivors wanting to support their Stage IV peers to join our Facebook support group here

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