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Texas Women's Foundation

The Texas Women’s Foundation focuses on supporting women through research, advocacy, and education. They offer various workshops for philanthropy, including a women’s leadership institute, young women’s initiative, #BestSelf, young women initiative Dallas, and women and wealth.

The foundation focuses on advocacy through policies and procedures in the local communities, which can, in turn, help empower women and lead to positive social changes. As quoted from the Texas Women’s Foundation website:

“As advocates, we produce and share research on key issues impacting women, girls, and their families; highlight programs and innovative solutions that can be scaled across the state; provide lawmakers and decision-makers with timely, targeted information to shape policies relating to women and girls; and bring together partners from local communities across the state and beyond to engage and mobilize around priority issues, initiatives, and programs.”

There are various events you can attend to offer your support and network with women’s foundation advocates and philanthropic leaders, including the leadership forum virtual event series, quarterly viewpoints, #BestSelf, annual luncheon, and Women Give philanthropy event. The Texas Women’s Foundation is focused on research as well and works to solve women’s economic issues in the community and across the state. This foundation also allows access to childcare funding and health care funding, as well as an economic security initiative.

Their impact has reached many in the Texas area, with a total of 42.2 million dollars in grants during the last 33 years. Since 2013, 90,000 families have benefited from the leadership and economic initiatives.

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