Weekly Rank List

Weekly Rank List December 13- December 19, 2019

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Christina Odom Blue Sky Fernando Bryant

Jamese Symonette Karen Williams Harold Scott  Emefa Jeanny Tsatsu Matilda Owusu-Ansah Jennyfer Zarza Alderete Damary Ruth Peña Mendoza Sarlis Paniagua Fernández  Crystal Wilkinson  A’Leia Pam Karima Muhammad Lourdes Rosales

Ira Jackson Schelita Wesley Veronica Jules Caprice Simmons Whitney Norman  Алена Пинигина Opal Collins Rean Fisher

Sharmeeka Brooks Stormy Wellington Maniya Canty Дмитрий Тишанский Natalie Smith Lourdes Rosales Lamor & Asia Whitehead  Kimberly Wilson Lydia Hayes Angela Ramos

Sharmeeka Brooks Oneka Nobrega Rossalba Molina Tineo Kimberly Wilson Maniya Canty Selma Glover Nikita Williams Clifford Watson Cynthia Redley Amelie Auger

Sharmeeka Brooks Oneka Nobrega Nikita Williams Rossalba Molina Tineo Tewonia Frank Maniya Canty Kimberly Wilson Cynthia Redley Kimberly Quamina Nicole Ringer

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