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Twiler Portis

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For more than 25 years, Twiler Portis has inspired individuals to transform their lives. Her work, both in teachings and in motivation, has propelled people to find their true potential and has taught them the breakthrough principals to achieve their dreams and goals.

A former corporate executive, destined for greatness beyond the walls of a corporate office, Twiler partnered with her late-husband Erwin Portis, to build distribution networks of over 350,000 in the US and 6 Countries, to build an enterprise in the network marketing industry.

Through their work, they partnered with Total Life Changes, a health and wellness company and industry front-runner, to launch the entire U.S. Market and became one of America’s Most Admired Power Couples. Through this partnership, thousands of budding business partners were able to quickly transform, not just their lives but their bank accounts and the future of their families.

Continuing in the greatness they started together, and armed with the belief and vision in the potential of the South Africa market, Twiler worked to join the ranks of other marketing moguls in the launch of this company’s expansion. In one short year, this expansion added more than 15K business partners within the TLC helm.

Through her work and leadership, Twiler has been the flame that has ignited the vision within the business. Poised as a visionary and an international mentor, Twiler has been the source and the secret weapon in the success of more than 20,000  network marketing businesses and distributors, alike.

With more work to be done, Twiler set her sights on expanding her vision through her brand, with one goal in mind: to inspire people to use your life’s worth to fuel and fund your passion. Through the provision of entrepreneurship, Twiler has equipped individuals with the tools and resources to turn their obstacles into opportunity and their tragedy into triumph! She’s partnered with thousands of business partners to mentor, coach, and train a number of them.**

Twiler has soared to the top of many companies, reaching their top positions and breaking records along the way. This feat has landed her on the cover of company magazines. She has been featured in national publications, television shows and has inspired the launch of budding brands.

Twiler’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her passion for business has afforded her the unique opportunity to executive produce television shows, invest in business start-ups and to mentor small businesses through the challenges of business. Her work has brought her to large stages, taking her words globally.

Her strength, even in the darkest of times, has been an inspiration to many. Whether on social media, giving hope and inspiration to others through her online conversations, #TwilerSays, or inside her private moments of transparency during Mondays At The Mirror, Twiler’s social presence – both on Instagram and Facebook – has been a source of information and inspiration for all. A champion for health and wellness, Twiler’s online audience can be found working on business goals while focusing on living their healthiest lives – learning the importance of health and wellness.

At the heart of all of her work is her life’s worth: being a mother. She is the mother to Erwin Devon, a teenage entrepreneur, fashion designer and musical artist who owns both Jimmy Burner, a fashion brand, and Jimmy Bolt, his musical moniker.

Twiler can be found in Houston, Texas at her headquarters, building the next crop of small business owners and grooming entrepreneurs for success. And her work is not done. Twiler entered 2018 with one goal in mind: to recruit and mentor the next great crop of successful entrepreneurs. With a coaching and mentoring effort underway, Twiler is looking for the next success story.

When asked about her life’s purpose – her answer is always clear: I want to inspire others to live full and die empty.

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