At TLC, we must stay ahead of the curve and strive for more. We are always looking for a better way to do things, and we want to cultivate a company culture that thrives on this concept. We can never become complacent or be satisfied with the norm. We will continually reinvent ourselves.
Our passion for delivering that feeling you only get at church or a rock concert is what drives us every day. Every call matters. Every interaction is a new opportunity to change someone’s life. If passion drives us every day, our team and customers will most definitely feel it.
For us to operate at peak performance, we must have fun and be excited about what we do. Fun can be a catalyst for new ideas and problem-solving.
At TLC we are a family. Families love each other and support each other in good times and bad. We don’t expect everyone to always agree, but we require our team to approach every situation in love.
Mindset can be the most significant attribute when approaching any situation. When faced with a customer that has a problem or seeing opportunity where things don’t look promising, at TLC we do our best to remember where we came from as a company. We ask our team to remember how fortunate we all are to have each other and the lives we live to have a positive effect in this world. We know when we do this, we can deliver the feeling that can change a life.
We don’t believe in giving to get in return. When we can effectively give our team and our clients more than they anticipated they will be inspired to do the same. At TLC we believe this standard will generate a culture of pride, happiness, and fulfillment.
Doing what is right is not always easy. We always give information that is true and will provide the best results. Misleading information, gossip, and “me first” attitude are all a detriment to the company we are building here at TLC. While they all come easy, they are not right. At TLC we are building a company that provides our team with the tools and mindset to do the right thing in every situation.