Are you looking for a fresh start? Try one of our cult-favorite products, Iaso® Tea, in an instant, easily portable sachet, no brewing needed! Just pour, shake, and sip the slimming tea on the go anywhere.

1. Credible Results

We have had many people across the globe rave about the Instant Iaso® Tea! Over millions of people have purchased it since its debut in 2016, and we have heard positive reviews. One of our Life Changers, Princess Zelaya, tells us her experience:

“I love my Iaso® Instant Tea. I don’t go a day without it. I have lost 35lbs using our Instant Tea combined with NRG, NutraBurst, and Resolution Drops. It has helped reduce inflammation around my tummy, and I can wear clothes without wearing Spanx. What I love most is that it is convenient on the go. I pour it in my water, shake, and I’m good to go, especially with a busy schedule, and running around with a toddler. Our tea is one of my favorite products, but of course, all our TLC products are all amazing. Order your tea today; you will not regret it.”

2. Benefits

The all-natural ingredients work synergistically to provide a cleansing and detoxifying detox. Soluble fiber dextrin allows a reduced appetite and sends signals to your brain to create a “full” feeling. Cassia Angustifolia is known to have great cleansing qualities, and also helps increase colon motility. Carica papaya is known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and wound healing properties. Matricaria Chamomilla, or chamomile, is known to treat stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and also is used as a gentle sleep aid.

3. Sample Before You Buy

Our Instant Iaso® Tea is changing lives around the world. We want this tea to change as many lives as possible, so we are offering a sample for FREE.

Just pay $4.95 to cover shipping and handling. Get your sample today to enjoy the benefits and cleanse your body deserves.

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