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Sushana Cole

By June 24, 2020 June 26th, 2020 No Comments

Global Director Sushana Cole discovered Total Life Changes (TLC) after she had been following Sharmeeka Brooks on social media and saw her success with the Iaso® Tea. She officially joined in October 2019, and she had great results, losing 9 lbs. in a week.* When she wakes up and takes her personal favorites on her Instagram story, she encourages her following to do the same.

She says that her favorite product is NRG, and says it make a big difference:

“NRG is my absolute favorite; it gives me the energy to go and go and go. It helps suppress my appetite, which helps me to maintain my weight. If I don’t take it, I’m weary, I’m tired, I don’t have the same energy if I don’t take it.”

As a single mom, TLC has allowed her to purchase a new apartment and give her 11-year-old son the best opportunities she can offer.*

Sushana says that the culture of TLC is something you have to experience for yourself to understand:

“Someone on the outside looking in will not know what we’re feeling inside, the personal development, the teamwork. I’ve never experienced this kind of teamwork, a bunch of females coming together to sell one product and supporting each other. It’s unheard of; we are helping a lot of people.”

TLC allows her to provide others with an opportunity to pay their bills and ensure that they can provide for their family, mainly if they are laid off from circumstances during the last few months. Sushana highlights one of her most heart-wrenching transformations:

“One of my Life Changers could not walk; she was on crutches. And she called me crying one day, and I used my own money to sign her up for the business and sponsored her. I told her, ‘We are going to work with Alleviate’ (topical cream with full-spectrum hemp extract). She started using Alleviate, and the transformation was incredible. Every time I see her post something I want to cry because she called me crying, she couldn’t walk, she was about to get evicted from her apartment. And every time I see her, she motivates me.”

Sushana attributes her success and drive to her sponsor:
“My amazing sponsor Sharmeeka, she pushes me to limits that I didn’t know I could reach. And I have to give that to her because I’ve never had a female that pushed me that far.”

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