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Shoni Davenport

By July 9, 2020 September 2nd, 2021 No Comments

By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

Global Director Shoni Davenport joined Total Life Changes in November of 2019 because she had IBS and wanted to try a product that would help her with the symptoms. She ended up losing weight and felt healthier.* She connected with her sponsor Chris Brown at an event, tried some samples, and joined Stormy Wellington’s 1000 Families movement as well.

Shoni’s why started with her success on the products, and then she realized that bringing others the same success was more fulfilling. Shoni’s favorite product is the instant Iaso Tea with Full Spectrum Hemp, and the Slim PM, because it has helped her sleep habits become more regular:

“As a single mom taking care of 2 kids, my sleep schedule has been weird; I sleep 4 hours if I’m lucky. I feel energetic, and I don’t have to take sleep aids and feel groggy from them.*”

The culture of TLC means a lot to Shoni, and she says its loving and diverse. She says that she wants to build a team of professionals, including doctors and health specialists. She knows that TLC’s products do work, which differentiates TLC from other network marketing opportunities she has been a part of in the past. It allows her to provide others with an opportunity to have a healthier lifestyle and a better financial state.

In the short term, Shoni aims to lose an additional 30 lbs. and continue to have a healthier diet and lifestyle. In the long term, she wants to grow the West Coast market (and other states) and involve more of the community.

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