Iaso® Oil

//Iaso® Oil

Iaso® Oil

Moisturize, soften, and protect your skin

Applying Iaso® Oil is the 100%-natural way to pamper your skin while avoiding all traces of chemicals. This oil is believed to have properties that stimulate skin cell regeneration and speed healing.

More about Iaso® Oil

This oil penetrates directly into muscles and joints. Emu Oil’s properties may contribute to a reduction in inflammation, joint pain, stiffness, bruising, and body pain.

A bottle provides one fluid ounce | 30ml of Iaso® Oil.

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Why Iaso® Oil is popular

This oil smooths and conditions rough elbows, knees, and heels. You can also use it to soften and moisturize hands and cuticles. Iaso® Oil reduces the itching and flakiness associated with dry skin and can protect the face and hands from the effects of wind and weather. Iaso® Oil is an excellent product to remove makeup.

Important ingredients

Vitamin A is a known skin repairer and antioxidant.

Linoleic Acid helps to ease muscle aches and joint pain.

Oleic Acid is a proven skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent

Sapogenins are proven skin softeners.

Terpenes are known antiseptics.

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