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Melaine Bernard

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Just two years ago, Melaine Bernard of Marseille, France left a comfortable position to participate in the launch of Total Life Changes in Europe.

Although there are clear risks in committing to a brand before it’s established a foothold in a new market, she reasoned that there were also obvious benefits to getting in on the ground floor.

Through her own research, she found that TLC offered entrepreneurs not only a fabulous range of products but what she considered to be a revolutionary compensation plan.

“I felt an immediate connection to the company’s values.”

she says through an interpreter. Her sponsor Maxime Remond, a very experienced multi-level marketer in France, was not only a connection to the company but a real friend. She says that they both shared the same vision and values of network marketing, and always suspected they would one day work together.

“There is no such thing as chance, says Melaine. There are only appointments.”

Soon after getting her start with TLC, she would travel to the United States, forming close bonds between her team in Europe and leadership Stateside.

She was met with two of the top world leaders at TLC, whom she followed and admired immensely, Jeff and Janella Simpson, currently Ambassadors in the company. Two years later they became not only her mentors but also close friends.

“It is during the storms that we see the real captains. When I considered leaving the ship, Jeff helped me to take the helm, adds Melaine Bernard.”

Her approach to building her TLC business was methodical and pragmatic. She relied on her past business experience to help her stay organized and on-target, but when it came time to publicize her new line of work, a simple video on social media was enough to do the trick.

From then on, everything came together very quickly,’ she recalls. For weeks, hundreds of people she did not know who followed her on social networks contacted her to learn more about the opportunity for which shed left her previous career behind. It was the perfect way to get a conversation about TLC started.

It also helped that she had positive experiences with the products herself. Before starting TLC, Melaine had just finished a slimming program and had lost 11 kg.* She had arrived at her pre-pregnancy weight. But then she tested the flagship product: Iaso® Detox tea. She lost another four kilos in the next month. It was the lightest shed been since she was 20 years old, well before 10 years of marriage and mothering a pair of three-year-old twins, Caesar and Louis.

Thanks to TLC, Melaine has obtained both financial freedom and the freedom to use her own time as she likes.** For two years, she has traveled across Europe to meet her Life Changers during the TLC Tour Connection, an event she created with the pillars of her teams.

She describes them as incredible encounters filled with tears of joy, gratitude, and strength. Some of Melaine’s success comes from thinking of TLC as an extension of her family. She feels that management is close and accessible.

“People are not just numbers, and there is real consideration at all levels,’ she says. The opinion of the distributors in the field counts.”

Today, Melaine has become a Global Director, one of the highest ranks within TLC. She is the first Global Director in Europe, a sign of the company’s growing reach.

By November of this year she intends to become a company Ambassador, significantly augmenting her already five-figure monthly income, and by 2019, an Executive Ambassador, the top of the TLC pyramid.

“A great leader creates leaders,’ she says. To be successful, you have to focus on your team and not on yourself or money. Success will ensue.”


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