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Revolutionary Products

We stay on top of the latest health & wellness trends, and we continue to innovate opportunities to bring new products to the marketplace. We take pride in creating products made with the highest quality ingredients available.

Ability to Change Lives

Our products make our customers feel healthier and more confident about their health and wellness. Each has plenty of benefits with the added bonus of being delicious and enjoyable to take. At the start and end of each day, it’s all about helping people make Total Life Changes.

Supporting Community

At TLC, we are a family. We live our core values of loving each other period. We actively support each other through daily live broadcasts, weekly training sessions, monthly tour events, and we are always just a phone call away with our 24-hour customer support.

Amazing Business Opportunity

Our Life Changers get excited about the benefits of being with the TLC family. From a hybrid binary compensation plan with unique bonus incentives to exclusive retail opportunities or daily pay, TLC rewards the success of our Life Changers in many ways.

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From the desk of John Licari – Core Value Series

Stories rooted in the foundation of Total Life Changes core values and how they integrate into our daily lives.

Better Health & Wellness

Delicious, easy-to-make recipes with the goal of achieving better overall health and wellness.


Having an active lifestyle goes along with added nutrition into a daily routine. Easy tips and tricks on integrating fitness into your life.

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