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John Didier

By July 23, 2020 No Comments

John Didier joined Total Life Changes (TLC) in 2016 when his wife joined the company. He initially wanted to do it to please his wife, but their financial situation proved as a challenge, and he looked at the bigger picture:

“We were financially not that great, and I said to my wife, ‘I don’t believe in this company, but If it makes you happy let’s do it.’ And we were coming up on the last day of foreclosure on our house and truck, and Hillary said, ’I need to do more at TLC.’ She worked part-time in 2017, after she had our baby. So, she saved us, and started working TLC full time, she saved our house and saved our truck.”*

John says building the TLC business brought some challenges, but in the end, it made him feel more stable, and his stress levels from being financially unstable were relieved. He also became closer with his wife and children. John’s why is his wife, and he says he was encouraged to join TLC because of her:

“I wasn’t a believer at first, and I only did it because I love her and it makes her happy. I saw her being successful, and then I joined, and I became successful, and it took off from there.”

John’s top favorite products are NutraBurst, NRG and the Original Iaso Tea. In combination with a diet change and regular exercise he ended up losing over 15 lbs. and felt better overall.**

TLC allows him to bring his own family together and give his family members more. In the short term, he aims to retire from his corporate job and be 100% dedicated to TLC. In the long term, he wants to continue being a great example to others and inspiring them to be curious about TLC.

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