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Jimmy Hepburn

By June 25, 2020 No Comments

Jimmy Hepburn joined Total Life Changes (TLC) in July 2015 when he was on vacation in the Caribbean. His friend offered him some Iaso® Tea, and he lost weight, so he ordered some more. He then encouraged his mom to join TLC as well, and his first month as a Life Changer was very productive:

“During my first 30 days, I built a team of 4,000 people, and that enabled me to make enough to help my mom repair the vacation homes she manages. Her business was failing, and she had bad credit, so the bank could not help her with loans. So, this opportunity came at the right time to help ensure her retirement.”*

Jimmy is a self-starter and wasn’t going to let anything halt his progress in the Caribbean. He helped translate content into French and helped with shipping as well. His journey was not a straight line, and he encountered some setbacks on his way. He had a 6-month period where he rebuilt his life from the bottom up:

“I lost most of my team members, and a lot of the belief dropped down. I went through this transition, where I was seeking God. I had to lose everything; I shut down everything; I was homeless. I had to leave my girlfriend. A lot happened, and I got some clarity. I decided to put God first and put him in my business, that’s when everything changed.”

TLC also allowed him to help pay for his daughter’s trip to Korea and help with college tuition as well.* He initially joined TLC because he saw how effective the products are. His mother had great success with them. Jimmy stayed with TLC because the leaders, Jack Fallon and John Licari, were giving him more, and they were consistent with their vision and support.

TLC’s culture is incredible to Jimmy, and he says it is multicultural, blended, diverse, and open to anyone. He also highlights TLC, saying that it is the best company where he has had the most success:

“I’ve seen other companies come and go, I’ve taken other opportunities, nothing compares. There is nothing that compares to TLC. Daily Pay is a big change compared to other companies. And the comp plan has the best payment plan.”

He summarizes what TLC allows him to do by saying it enables him to be a vessel for change:

“Today, I have the power to change a person’s life. I have authority over my life. I’m a free man. I can help a person get back on their feet and give them an opportunity to generate money the next day.*  I met someone who was homeless while I was homeless. I was able to take a homeless person and put them in a position to profit within 24 hours. That’s what it does; it makes them believe in themselves again and gain confidence. “

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