“We are always hungry for more.”

On Tuesday May 18 I was blessed to be visited by a new friend, Mr. Peter Vargas. We have gotten to know each other the last several months, and we continued our discussion on how he may be able to help TLC continue its mission of changing the lives of people around the world.

Mr. Peter Vargas has accomplished so many things, which I could list here, but that list would be very long. He has worked with many very successful entrepreneurs and companies worldwide to help them better communicate their message. I, of course, am always interested in making sure the world knows exactly who TLC is and what we stand for, so I’ve been listening!

All our discussions on Tuesday were great, and I’m excited about the future because of the great things that we decided we will be doing this year and beyond together. The last three times I felt this good was when we had developed our sampling system with the Life Changer App, the 10-5-2 system, and the G5 program. You know that feeling you get when you know something great is going to happen? Well, I had that feeling Tuesday, and the world will one day soon know why!

This communication, of course, is about our Core Value Spotlight this week, which is “We are always hungry for more.” Ironically, this is also the Core Value we celebrated Tuesday on Live with Jack and John. I asked Pete to join us on the show today during our Core Value segment and share his thoughts on this Core Value. What he said stuck with me, and I felt compelled to share it with all of you.

Pete mentioned that he has always been hungry for more, and he loved the core value, but he also mentioned something that we should all be aware of. Pete said that when he felt very hungry in one aspect of his life, he always tried to analyze where his hunger might not be so great. An example he used is that sometimes he is very hungry for his business and not so hungry in his family life. Or he has been hungry in his marriage but not in his health.

Pete asked us to stay hungry but to please be aware of the aspects in our lives where we might not have as much hunger and try to find hunger or get better there. He was very transparent and admitted that he had hunger in almost all areas of his life right now except his health. He acknowledged that he had recently decided to be hungrier about his health.

I think the timing for him to decide this is perfect! We are TLC, and our products and community can help with that, so I am super excited for him! I also am grateful for his message because I think we all needed it! Are we successful if we are excelling in a few areas and not so much in others? He made a great point that until we find that balance and stay hungry in all areas of our lives that we may not find true success and happiness, and I tend to agree.

Thank you, Pete, for sharing the message and reminding us to get hungry, stay hungry, and always look hungry for even more! We say it and remind ourselves every day, but it’s always lovely when a well-respected person from outside our TLC community comes in and says it too!

I want nothing more than for you to be hungry every day, but I want you to be hungry in all areas of your life, not just a few. Let’s reflect on our hunger level this week in all areas and see where we can do better, and let’s do our best to stay hungry for all of it!

Thank you for reading and thank you for always being hungry for more! It keeps me hungry knowing you are hungry!

Have a great week!

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