“Passion is our fuel.”

Passion has always been something that drives us to do what we do; I think we can all agree. Passion also sometimes makes us forget the hardships that we have to go through, and that’s what I think I want to write about this week.

As I sat down last Tuesday night to write my weekly email, I found myself tired and unable to find the right words or topic to write about, and I decided to go to bed and see if something came to me after a good night’s sleep. Due to this, I was unable to send my weekly communication early Wednesday morning like usual. Still, I had a feeling that Wednesday afternoon, I would figure out why I was hesitating when I was thinking about what I should write about this core value. It seems in life everything happens for a reason.

I have been in San Diego, California, for two days, a 2-hour drive from Los Angeles. When I arrived on Monday, Jack Fallon had added to his IG story, and people realized we were in San Diego. Within a few minutes, Ambassador Chris Brown (A TLC Life Changer) asked me to confirm that we were indeed in San Diego.

I was able to confirm, and he immediately asked if he could please meet with us. I started looking at our schedule and realized that Wednesday morning would be the only time we could meet with him, and it would be only for an hour and a half, possibly for breakfast because we had a flight home to catch.

I mentioned to him that I realized the drive’s hardship and the short period of time we would meet with him, and I told him it was OK if he did not come. I tried to talk him out of it. He was insistent he would wake up early on Wednesday morning and drive out to see us and have breakfast with us.

I will be honest with you. I was thinking to myself on a four-hour round trip to meet with us for possibly only an hour. He must perhaps be coming to visit us to ask for something or because he wanted something. So I was ready for that, but I was OK with it; I was ready to listen and serve.

Wednesday morning, Chris arrives with his great friend and business partner, Ashley Jackson, a great TLC LifeChanger. We sit down and have breakfast, and we immediately expressed to both of them how grateful we were that they would make the trip out to visit with us.

I mentioned all the hardships they went through to meet us, reminding them how thankful we were. I reminded them that they had to get up early, they also had to drive two hours, and they were going to have to move right back after the fact for a four-hour round trip. The gas money, the wear and tear on their car, The time away from their usual routine or family and friends, and everything else was something I was very well aware of.

As I finished reminding them of all the hardships, Chris immediately reminded me that he did not think of any of that when he decided to come. He just said, “I’m passionate about TLC and about helping people, and I know you guys are passionate about that too, so I wanted to be here. I knew it was very important”.

At that moment, I realized two things. The first thing I learned was why I was at a loss for words the previous night when I sat down to write the weekly communication for a reason. I guess something inside of me knew that on Wednesday morning, I would have better content. The second thing I realized was that passion drives us to do certain things and makes us forget or not notice the hardships along the way. If it’s something we are passionate about, then the difficulties are part of the process, and the process is just part of the passion!

Man, this hit me hard; I immediately knew I needed to write about it. Passion fuels us to do whatever we are meant to do, and it blinds us to the difficulties we may face along the way.

If you are passionate about something, please don’t let the hardships talk you out of doing it. And more importantly, don’t let people around you speak to you out of doing it either.

Maybe it’s going to be a lot of work, maybe it’s going to be expensive, maybe it’s not gonna be easy, and maybe it’s going to involve not getting as much sleep as usual.

If it’s something you were passionate about, go for it, and once you complete your goal, it will all be worth it. Thank you, Chris and Ashley Jackson, for reminding us of this week about passion!

PS- The meeting was great! We learned so much about each other, most importantly of which we are passionate about the same things!!!

Thank you for reading and until next week, make sure to get your PASSION on and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way!

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