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Dexter and Tonya Scott

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Many people have heard about the success of Dexter and Tonya Joyner-Scott in TLC, but nothing matters more to them than witnessing the success of so many business partners that have joined forces with them in the last 18-24 months. It has not been an easy path to success for this married couple of four children. Tonya has carried her fair share of doubt, fears, and limiting beliefs of her future for much of her life. These negative attitudes even caused her to become complacent for a while as she began to start a family.

“I kept trying to tell myself that being a stay-at-home-mommy was enough for me, but it really wasn’t. I was dying inside because I was no longer living to my fullest potential. My husband was traveling around the world impacting the lives of children and teenagers. He had studied with industry-leading speakers and trainers like Les Brown and Paul Martinelli, and yet he found it harder and harder to share all of these wonderful things he was experiencing with me because he knew I was struggling with self-doubt.”

It was during this time that the couple did some soul searching. Some call it destiny while others may consider it fate. Dexter and Tonya felt it was more like divine intervention. “The fear I carried most often was the fear of failure. Not just our failure, but the failure of those that may be joining us as well. This was one of the reasons we sat on this opportunity for as long as we did. We knew we had to face our fears and do this together for our family and for others. We have since overcome this fear and we are so grateful to be a part of this amazing company! We have a multitude of people earning great income and advancing in rank month after month throughout our organization since we started building just 2 short years ago,” says Dexter Scott.

The motivation for everyone right now is bigger than themselves. It’s about the next person, the other person. Everyone is finding joy in helping someone feel better, look better, sleep better, or put it in a nutshell…be better,” summarizes Tonya Joyner-Scott.*

Dexter and Tonya Joyner-Scott would like to thank and recognize TLC’s Global Directors Darnell & Dr. Kimberly Edwards for their wisdom, commitment and passion they bring to the organization; National Directors James & Sheryl Colclough and National Director Chandra Jones‐Williams for their servant leadership and the passion they bring to them every day. “Regional Directors Tony & Shelia McKinnon are first-timers to the industry of network marketing. What a great place for them to start, right here with TLC. They live in another city and stepped up to the plate to help us build by creating opportunities for partners to grow and build within their city and its surrounding areas. Lastly, we must give kudos to Executive Director Crystal Flowers who stepped up to the plate to assist us with anything we needed to help us stay organized and effective in our local meetings and events each and every month. We thank Crystal for her servant leadership. Our team of business partners is affectionately called Team Advance. Advance is defined as moving forward, typically in a purposeful way. Our mission is to help our team move forward with intentions on changing lives for the better, beginning with their own,” adds Ambassador Tonya Joyner-Scott.

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