Success Stories

Denise Lee

By December 29, 2013 December 20th, 2019 No Comments

Denise and William Lee are parents of two children and live in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They have recently reached Ambassador rank in Total Life Changes. Each of them has worked extremely hard to develop their careers and raise their children to be outstanding citizens with a strong work ethic.

Their 24-year-old son William is an entrepreneur and has already made the rank of executive director with Total Life Changes. He currently lives in Los Angeles. Their daughter Lauren is also doing very well as an 18 year-old signed model that stays quite busy traveling back and forth to New York City with her father William Lee. Denise has officially retired as a registered nurse and her next goal is to get her husband William to retire as well.

William and Denise Lee began promoting a schedule of opportunity calls every evening. Each day the number of attendees grew larger and they became more comfortable delivering the message of helping others earn extra income. They did not promise hundreds of thousands of dollars, or fancy cars and dream homes. Instead, they discussed how even an extra $500-$1,000 a month could really impact a family of four of five. The extra income helps to dissolve debt, it provides just a little bit extra to assist in paying for special activities and becomes the beginning of building residual income. William and Denise started to experience plenty of growth as a result of these opportunity calls, so they decided to begin hosting weekend events in their hometown near Philadelphia.