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Total Life Changes Announces 28 Year-Old Nathalie Nicole Smith As National Director

2019-03-14T22:16:52-04:00Categories: Rank Recognition|

Total Life Changes welcomes Nathalie Nicole Smith to the 30 & Under Club of young successful entrepreneurs in Total Life Changes. This growing group of IBOs is reaching company ranks at a record speed. In just one year from launching her TLC business, Nathalie has built a resilient team of business partners. Total Life Changes was [...]

31 Year-Old Shandrea Pittman Reaches National Director Rank With Total Life Changes

2019-03-14T22:16:52-04:00Categories: Rank Recognition|

TLC’s National Director Shandrea Pittman is the eldest daughter of soul food restaurateurs and Global Directors with Total Life Changes, Miguel and Sandra Pittman from New Haven, Connecticut. Shandrea grew up in a home with strong family values, learning the principles of hard work and entrepreneurship. Shandrea followed the course of many American adolescents, finishing high [...]

Original Iaso Tea Owners Total Life Changes Announce 2016 Sales to Double as Jack Fallon is Named President and TeaEO

2017-03-29T08:52:24-04:00Categories: Corporate News, Rank Recognition|

Total Life Changes (TLC), owners of the proprietary blend of original formula Iaso Tea since 2008, today announced Jack Fallon has been named President and Tea Executive Officer or “TeaEO”. Only TLC owns and distributes the original formula of Iaso Tea in the U.S. and worldwide. Under Fallon’s leadership, the company’s 2016 sales are on track [...]

Total Life Changes Announces New Ambassadors, Dexter and Tonya Joyner-Scott

2019-03-14T22:16:52-04:00Categories: Rank Recognition|

Many people have heard about the success of Dexter and Tonya Joyner-Scott in TLC, but nothing matters more to them than witnessing the success of so many business partners that have joined forces with them in the last 18-24 months. It has not been an easy path to success for this married couple of four children. [...]

Total Life Changes Announces Its Newest & Youngest Female Global Director Stanecia Graham

2019-08-13T12:48:32-04:00Categories: Rank Recognition|

It’s different here… is a familiar comment from so many IBOs in Total Life Changes over the past thirty-six months. Independent Business Owners (IBOs) from across the Unites States, Central and South America, throughout the United Kingdom and as far away as Africa and New Zealand, are positioning themselves for success in Total Life Changes by [...]