Step 1: Choose the correct template for your announcement, and wait until the bottom box shows your chosen template.

Step 2: Add a picture using the orange "Add photos" button of the rep being recognized. This will work best using a photo with at least 1920x1080 resolution.

Step 3: Position the photo so that as much of the rep's face can be seen behind the borders. Feel free to scale the photo up or down, but be aware if your photo has poor resolution, this can make the graphic blurry.

Step 4: Crop the photo to fit in the blank space as best you can.

Step 5: Double click on the First and Last name text box to insert the recognized rep's name instead.

Make sure the collage format at the bottom of the editor is set to default, then click continue. You will be able to share you collage directly to Facebook, Twitter, or email, or download it to keep and use in your own fashion. The picture will save as IBO_flyer.jpg.

Please choose the template you would like to edit and download